Port Vila Accommodation

Port Vila Offers a Variety of Holiday Accommodation Choices

Port Vila abounds with accommodation options - from traditional bungalows and motels, to modern resorts and hotels. Where you choose to stay will depend on your budget, as well as your holiday accommodation desired proximity to Port Vila. All these places will give you Vanuatu holiday packages to suit your budget and family requirements.

It's not uncommon in Vanuatu to have your meals, or at least free breakfast included in your holiday accommodation package. Even some of holiday activities are thrown in, as are some special offers for children, in family packages. If you fly in from Australia or New Zealand, travel agents and airlines will offer you airfare and accommodation all included in one package. Furthermore, some of Port Vila resorts will provide free airport transfers, too.


Bungalows are thatch-roofed buildings, usually with a very open architecture indoors. Many bungalows offer modern room facilities, but you can also find quite a few that provide a more traditional bungalow accommodation with only basic conveniences.


There are a number of motels in Port Vila, usually done in the western-style motel room accommodation. Motels tend to be medium priced, so they're good for family holidays, as they provide all the conveniences of resorts or hotels, but are better budget priced.

It also can’t hurt to check the internet for hotel ideas in Port Vila. They may be a bit more expensive than the motels in the area, but then again there may be some special deals in the area that only last a limited time. Regardless of whether you choose to stay in a hotel or motel, this aspect of your trip can be planned online, so it is recommended to do this as soon as possible. The quick online process as well as the the plethora of available rooms makes it a no brainer to do this prior to reaching Port Vila.

Iririki Island Resort in Port Vila harbour
The most common type of holiday accommodation in Port Vila are resorts, some of which offer hotel type of accommodation. Situated on a small Iririki island in Port Vila harbour is one of the more popular and best known, Iririki Island Resort


Perhaps the most represented form of holiday accommodation in Port Vila. Resorts abound in and around Port Vila, from budget priced ones to the more stylish, hotel-like resorts. Excellent for families, as they often offer lot of extras included in the price, especially for children, like kids clubs.


You will find a fewer hotels available in Port Vila. But they all offer excellent quality holiday accommodation, room facilities, and other services.

Some of the hotels in Vanuatu have 'resort' in their name. That's because resort is a popular holiday accommodation option for holidaymakers and travellers to Vanuatu.

But don't let that confuse you - they still provide hotel-like holiday conveniences and room service. Hotels are usually highest priced holiday accommodation in Port Vila.

Port Vila Accommodation Info

Discover more about holiday accommodation choices that are available to travelers and visitors in Port Vila:

  • Beautiful Accommodations - When choosing from an array of holiday houses, apartments, lodges, resorts and hotels in Port Vila, you can also base your selection on most beautiful accommodation places in Vanuatu. 
  • Best Resorts - Being the gateway to Vanuatu and its islands, Port Vila offers and array of holiday resorts accommodation. We suggest several top resorts in and around Port Vila that offer good facilities.  
  • Budget Hotels - There's a plethora of hotels and resorts in Port Vila for budget travellers. We suggest a list of median priced hotels that offer good service, all inclusive packages, and many complimentaries. 
  • Club Accommodations - For something different, you can choose to stay at a club accommodation. These are usually golf clubs, offering resort and country club style accommodation in Port Vila.  
  • Hotels in Port Vila - Thousands of visitors have been enjoying the hospitality and beauty of Port Vila. The local hotels and resorts attract more guests each year, as the range of accommodation options increases. 
  • Places for Couples - As one of great destinations for honeymooners and couples, Port Vila and Vanuatu offer plenty of accommodations choices for romantic couples. We have selected top three Port Vila resorts as best places for couples to stay. 
  • Places to Stay - When looking for an accommodation on your Vanuatu holiday, Port Vila will give you best choices. There are many comfortable hotels and resorts where you can stay while exploring the city's many holiday attractions. 
  • Port Vila Motels - If you've decided on a budget accommodation on your holiday in Vanuatu, you will find motels in Port Vila reasonably priced. They offer some fine options suited for any budget. 
  • Port Vila Resorts - Numerous resorts around the city provide a great holiday accommodation and amenities. These include Chantilly's on the Bay, Laguna Vista, The Sebel, and Tradewinds Resort.  
  • Romantic Resorts - Many Vanuatu resorts cater for those on their honeymoon, celebrating a wedding anniversary, or just enjoying a romantic getaway. Port Vila resorts will offer you a top-notch services for your romantic holiday. 
  • Top Accommodation - If you like to stay in rooms instead of bungalows or resorts, you will find hotels, motels, and apartments holiday rentals available in Port Vila, including holiday units and villas. 

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