Hotels in Port Vila

The Great Variety Offered by Hotels in Port Vila

While many people are only just learning about the wonderful city of Port Vila, the capital of the nation of Vanuatu, there are thousands of others who have been enjoying the hospitality and beauty of the city for many years. The popularity of Port Vila makes a great many accommodations available to travelers and guests in the area.

Port Vila resorts and hotels are beginning to draw more and more guests each year, and the range of options is on the rise. There are studio units, with self-catering, meant for the many backpackers and outdoor enthusiasts who come to the island for its natural beauty and reliable climate.

Holiday packages for families

There are luxurious resorts with full service packages for couples or entire families. A good place to make a choice in resorts and hotels in Port Vila is at online booking sites, where easy comparison tools and ratings can guide a traveler to their perfect accommodation.

Throughout Port Vila there are hotels suitable for people who want to explore the unique city and its wonderful streets. Here guests can find vendors, street markets, artisans, students, restaurants and shopping. Guests of hotels within the city will not need to worry about a loud or bustling evening scene as the city’s forty thousand inhabitants are known for their peaceful lifestyles.

Activities at Port Vila hotels

Guests who choose Port Vila hotels along the shores of the island will also have a wide variety of prices and options to choose from. There are private bungalows nestled along exotic lagoons, or set right on the white sand beaches. There are clubs and resorts that offer modern rooms full of high tech and contemporary amenities, yet offering easy access to the many outdoor activities that bring tens of thousands of guests to Port Vila each year. Among some of the more popular resort and sea side activities are golf, snorkeling, diving and fishing.

Port Vila street
Visitors to Port Vila can explore its many different street vendors

Long-term accommodation

For the many visitors who wish to stay for extended periods of time, such as families and professionals on business, there are many apartments and hotels in Port Vila that make long-term accommodations available. Many of these units are located within resort or hotel properties and will allow the guests to continue to access the many wonderful amenities of the area, such a pools, gardens and restaurants.

Port Vila is an ideal holiday destination, offering excellent weather, easy travel and exploration, friendly and welcoming residents and a huge assortment of holiday accommodation options. Choosing to stay at one of hotels or resorts in Port Vila will give you a great holiday experience.

Port Vila Accommodations

  • Beautiful Accommodations - In selecting your holiday accommodation in Port Vila you can base your choice on some of beautiful accommodation places.  
  • Best Resorts - Being the gateway to Vanuatu and its islands, Port Vila offers and array of holiday resorts accommodation options that offer good facilities.  
  • Budget Hotels - There's a plethora of hotels and resorts in Port Vila available for budget travellers, with good service, all inclusive packages, and many complimentaries.  
  • Club Accommodations - For something different, you can choose to stay at a club accommodation, offering resort and country club style accommodation in Port Vila. 
  • Places for Couples - Vanuatu capital Port Vila is a great destinations for couples. We suggest three top resort places for couples to stay in Port Vila.  
  • Places to Stay - When looking for an accommodation on your Vanuatu holiday, Port Vila will give you best choices with many comfortable hotels and resorts.  
  • Port Vila Motels -If you've decided on a budget accommodation on your holiday in Vanuatu, you will find motels in Port Vila reasonably priced for any budget. 
  • Port Vila Resorts - Numerous resorts around Port Vila city provide a good accommodation and amenities, for a great holiday experience in Vanuatu.  
  • Romantic Resorts - Many Vanuatu resorts cater for those on their honeymoon, celebrating a wedding anniversary, or just enjoying a romantic getaway.  
  • Top Accommodation - If you like to stay in rooms instead of bungalows or resorts, you will find hotels, motels, and apartments holiday rentals available in Port Vila.