Activities in Port Vila

Things to do in and around Port Vila town

When you arrive to Vanuatu, no matter what type of holiday you enjoy, you will find some activities here to occupy your time and make your holiday more memorable. If you enjoy a more laidback type of holiday, many resorts in Port Vila and on Vanuatu islands provide a perfect tropical surroundings for just enjoying the sun or shade, whichever you prefer, by the pool. Or, just go to the nearby beach for some daily sunbathing, or a swim in waves.

  Holiday activities in Port Vila
Bareboat Charter

Bareboat Charter in Vanuatu

If you are planning a sailing holiday in Vanuatu, do your research on how to organize bareboat charter for your party in Port Vila. Bareboat charter means chartering a boat without skippered crew. It's usually less costly, but it means you have to be skilled at sailing a boat.

Fun Things to Do in Vanuatu

Fun Things to Do in Vanuatu

While some people might enjoy a laidback holiday, the others want to have an active, even an adventurous holiday in Port Vila. There's no better way of doing this than exploring different and unusual activities. Here's our list of 7 fun things to do on holiday in Vanuatu.

Port Vila Activities

Port Vila Activities and Tours

There are numerous holiday activities and attractions to occupy your time in Port Vila, for a more memorable and exciting holiday. From diving and snorkeling, to fishing and cruising, golfing and sightseeing, there are many tours available in Port Vila or your resort.

Port Vila Golf Club

Port Vila Golf & Country Club

Situated right next door to Worawia resort is Port Vila Golf and Country Club, home to the Tusker Vanuatu Golf Open, where visitors are welcome. It runs along Mele Bay, making it for a scenic location. The course is just a short distance from Port Vila.

Vanuatu Car Rental

Vanuatu Car Rental and Hire

A great way to see and explore Vanuatu countryside is to rent a car in Vanuatu. But make sure you know the road rules in this country. In and around Port Vila just about all roads are bitumen roads, but outside the city you will find mostly gravel roads.

Vanuatu Cruising

Vanuatu Cruising Guide

Best way to get to know the islands is to take one of Vanuatu day or night cruises, including diving and romantic cruises. There are also sailing cruises and fishing tours. Book at your resort where you're staying, or go to Port Vila tour shops.

Vanuatu Diving

Vanuatu Diving Options

You will find numerous diving sites in Vanuatu, in particular around Efate and Santo islands, including WWII shipwrecks. The best diving locations on Efate island are harbour area and Mele Bay, home to famous Hideaway island, popular with divers.

Vanuatu Hiking

Vanuatu Hiking Guide

One of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful nature-rich and mysterious land is by hiking these islands. Walking is how most of Vanuatu islanders get around. So, you will find many treks worth exploring, especially if you hire an experience guide.

Vanuatu Snorkeling

Vanuatu Snorkeling Spots

Experience a great underwater snorkeling adventure at Hideaway Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary. But there are many other resorts with great diving sites. At these resorts it's usually a marine biologiest that will guide your tour professionally.

Water Activities in Vanuatu

Water Activities in Vanuatu

As expected when going to tropical islands destination, on your Vanuatu holiday you can enjoy a variety of water-based activities. In addition to swimming, diving and snorkeling, sailing catamarans and parasailing are very popular with visitors to Port Vila.

Port Vila activities

On the other hand, if you prefer a more active holiday and even an adventurous one, we have lined up some of the activities in Vanuatu that you can enjoy. These include mostly water-based holiday activities, but also hiking or renting a car and choosing your own tour around Port Vila town or Efate island's points of interest.

Plus you can go island hopping by small plane, or to go one of many small island tours, located mostly around the main, Efate island. These are easily organized at your holiday accommodation place in Port Vila town.