Port Vila Activities

Things to do in and around Port Vila

The town of Port Vila will excite you and surprise you. There are hundreds of holiday activities and attractions to occupy your time while in Vanuatu. From fishing, scuba diving, cruising, snorkelling, golfing and numerous tours, you will find plenty of options to choose from.

Before you set out on your port Vila or Vanuatu holiday adventure, enquire at your resort or other accommodation you selected, about most popular holiday activities in Port Vila. The local staff are always friendly and happy to help you with making the right choices, as well as where to go for your chosen activity.

Each Port Vila resort place will have plenty of available brochures and catalogues on best tours, attractions and activities in the town. When you go for a walk around the town, you can also enquire at the local tours shops about their offerings. Before you set out, you'll need to know where you can get what you need, how much it will cost you and how easy it is to find.

Hideaway Island tour

For those who enjoy exploring, Worawia and Hideaway Cove Beaches, with their uncrowded, grey volcanic sand, are just a few minutes stroll away. Whether it's quiet beach walk you prefer, or swimming and diving, or other holiday activities, there'll be something for you.

Hideaway island in particular is popular with snorkelers and home to the world's only underwater post office. You can visit Hideaway independently, or in an organized tour. Bring your own snorkeling gear, or hire one on the island.

Volcanic sand beach
Volcanic sand beach on Mele Village coastline -
Hideaway island can be seen mid left in this picture

Cascades Waterfall tour

The romantic ‘Cascades’ waterfall is right in the neighbourhood and is also easily accessible by vehicle or a healthy walk, for a day filled with swimming, walking and exploring activities. Two-hour and daily Cascade tours are available from Evergreen Tours and can be also purchased at Worawia's reception. Bus pick up and drop off are usually included in the tour prices.

Port Vila holiday activities

If you like a lot of holiday activities, then head to Port Vila. The market in downtown Port Vila, selling everything from fresh fish to hand-crafts, is well worth a visit. There are of course duty free stores in town, Vanuatu tours and cruises shops and several supermarkets. Groceries' prices are comparable to those in Australia and New Zealand, where most of the supplies come from. There are also groceries imported from France that can be found at Port Vila supermarkets. Besides English language, many locals also speak French.

Port Vila town centre
Town centre of Port Vila, with banks and shops

Port Vila has many different restaurants and bars, some with hillviews, others on the waterfront. You can choose from medium priced family restaurants, to the more upmarket ones; from steak and barbecue, to Chinese and French.

The large number of restaurants in Port Vila is almost impossible to catalog. Almost every restaurant in the city has received glowing reviews and offers great service. In fact, the entire city seems to be service-driven, with the pleasure of guests as their primary focus. It's no wonder that Port Vila is known by its culinary excellence in the South Pacific.

Golf course

And if you like to hit a small white ball around while you walk, Port Vila Golf and Country Club is right next door to Worawia, with its 18-hole seaside golf course. Available to both beginners and professionals, men and women.

Port Vila Golf Club
Port Vila Golf and Country Club is situated next to Worawia

This is where the Vanuatu Open golf competition is held every year. It's an annual event that attracts pro and amateur golfers from Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, and Fiji. After golfing head to the clubhouse for some relaxation. The spacious terrace offers views of the course and Mele Bay and is an ideal location from which to enjoy a quiet drink with friends.

So if you're golfer and require accommodation next to a golf course, then Worawia resort is your place.

Activities in Port Vila

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