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The Port Vila Golf & Country Club – Beauty and Excellence

New visitors to Port Vila will find an enormous range of things to occupy their time. However, ask any local what they like most to do and they're likely to point you to the Port Vila Golf and Country Club. Ati George Sokomanu, the then president of the republic, founded this amazing course and club in 1983. The location of the course, the layout and the excellent amenities in the clubhouse make this a mandatory experience for any golfer visiting the city. Since 1984 Vanuatu Golf Open is being held at the club.

Port Vila Golf and Country Club

The Port Vila Golf and Country Club lies at Mele Bay, offering fantastic views of the surrounding area. Guests will find that some of the holes can be challenging due to the location of the Bay, though an additional challenge should be welcome to any golfer. This course features 18 holes spread out over more than 18,000 feet of spectacular greens. You'll find bunkers, tropical foliage and incredible golfing with this country club.

Entrance sign at Port Vila Golf & Country Club
Overlooking Mele Bay, in Mele Village, Port Vila Golf & Country Club is
conveniently located just outside of Port Vila town, where Vanuatu Golf Open is held.

After you have enjoyed all the golfing that you desire, head to the amazing clubhouse for some refined relaxation. The spacious terrace offers views of the course and Mele Bay and is an ideal location from which to enjoy a quiet drink with friends. The Pro Shop located on property offers all the golfing gear you need to have the perfect day in paradise. In addition, all proceeds go to support the club.

The Tusker Vanuatu Golf Open

In addition to being one of the favorite places for locals, the golf course is also home to a number of competitions throughout the year. One of the largest, both in terms of prestige and in terms of golfers, is the Tusker Vanuatu Golf Open. The Open is an annual event that sees more than 50 pro and amateur golfers come to the area from Australia, the Solomon Islands and Fiji.

This golf club is a must see for anyone visiting the city. Located less than 5 minutes from the heart of Port Vila, getting to the course is simplicity, itself. Once there, you may find it difficult to leave. Enjoy the incredible golfing, the spectacular views and much more with the only 18-hole championship golf course in Vanuatu. You'll find that several of the area resorts are located convenient to the course and many offer discounted access to visitors. Full membership is available for frequent visitors and entitles you to use of all the facilities on property.

One of the things that Port Vila Golf and Country Club lacks is on site accommodation. However, since the club is next door to Worawia resort, you will find Worawia holiday accommodation quite handy if you plan to play golf on your Vanuatu holiday.

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