Vanuatu Cruising

Guide to Cruising in Vanuatu

The islands of Vanuatu offer some of the most beautiful and unique sights in the world. One of the best ways to appreciate the unique natural beauty of the 83 islands that make up Vanuatu is to take a cruise among the islands.

Many of the islands that are part of Vanuatu are relatively inaccessible by other means. Taking a cruise provides you with the opportunity to experience some of the outlying communities, most of which are quite strong in terms of cultural traditions and practices.

When cruising out to some of the outlying islands, it is important to understand that your experience will be somewhat different from the main islands. While you will typically find a number of custom performances on the larger islands, when you visit some of the smaller outlying islands, you will be treated to the opportunity to experience true authentic cultural activities and ceremonies.

Vanuatu Sailing and Cruise Options

There are many different Vanuatu sailing and cruise options that will allow you to custom design your excursion, depending on the amount of time you have available for cruising as well as your interests. You can choose from half-day as well as full day and even multi-day trips that feature such activities as swimming, sightseeing, picnicking, snorkeling, cave exploration and much more. There are even cruise options that will provide you with the opportunity to go parasailing.

Diving Cruises

Along with Vanuatu cruises that will take you out to the outlying islands, there are also many cruises that are specifically designed for divers. These diving cruises are great for advanced divers who want to take advantage of the opportunity to dive many of the interesting sights that are located off the coast of the islands. There are typically a number of different dive vessels that will depart not far from town, taking visitors out to a number of the different dive sites that are situated nearby. Many of the cruises specialize in both morning and afternoon dives, providing you with ample opportunity to spend as much time as you like cruising and diving as well as sightseeing on land.

Romantic Cruises

Of course, if it is romance you are interested in, there are plenty of private yachts which can be chartered for romantic sunset dinner cruises. These romantic cruises will provide you with a wonderful opportunity to see more of the local islands, sample some of the tasty local cuisine and enjoy a romantic evening for just the two of you.

Activities in Port Vila

  • Bareboat Charter - If you are planning a sailing holiday in Vanuatu, do your research on how to organize bareboat charter in Port Vila. 
  • Vanuatu Car Rental - A great way to see and explore Vanuatu countryside is to rent a car in Vanuatu. But make sure you know the road rules. 
  • Vanuatu Diving - You will find numerous diving sites in Vanuatu, in particular around Efate and Santo islands, including WWII shipwrecks. 
  • Port Vila Golfing - Right next door to Worawia resort is Port Vila Golf and Country Club, home to the Tusker Vanuatu Golf Open, where visitors are welcome. 
  • Vanuatu Hiking - One of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful nature-rich and mysterious land is by hiking the islands. 
  • Vanuatu Snorkeling - Experience a great underwater snorkeling adventure at Hideaway Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary. 

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