Vanuatu Diving Options

Where to Find the Best Spots for Diving in Vanuatu

The South Pacific is famed for crystalline waters, tropical islands and incredible sea life. Vanuatu offers you the best way to enjoy this spectacular beauty. As you might imagine, diving is one of the largest attractions in the area.

You'll find numerous dive sites in Vanuatu, from coral reefs to WWII wrecks and much more to explore. Any dive expedition in the islands can be rewarding; however, how do you find the best of the best? What sites offer the most enjoyment? What sites are the best for family dives? How do you charter a dive expedition in the islands? Here are answers to a few of your questions.

Two colourful tropical red fish in an aunderwater wreck
In amongst many diving options in Vanuatu islands, there are also WWII shipwrecks,
mostly located around the large Espiritu Santo island.

Vanuatu Diving Options

While the islands abound with numerous reefs to explore, there are a couple of prime spots for your enjoyment. If you simply wish to enjoy reef diving in Vanuatu, all you need to do is a charter a tour to some of the outlying islands; you'll have seclusion, incredible beauty and enjoy a wide variety of sea life. However, if you want more Vanuatu diving options you'll need to head for Efate or Santo. Efate is the home of Port Vila, the island nation's capital and largest city. Santo lies at the northern end of the island chain and boasts the second largest city, Luganville.

What can you find around Efate? You'll most likely begin your tour in Port Vila. The best Vanuatu diving location in the area is actually Port Vila Harbor and Mele Bay. This location is convenient to many of the island's resorts and hotels. You'll also find that most of the resorts and hotels offer diving gear rentals, as well as snorkeling gear.

Vanuatu Diving Packages

Many tour operators have established partnerships with the resorts and offer package deals to guests. You'll find Meridian Charters, Big Blue Scuba Dive and Nautilus Watersports in Port Vila. Havana Harbor offers Tranquility Dive Resort (a private island with a resort and 3 campgrounds, as well as a turtle sanctuary and more), and Sailaway Cruises. Each company can take you into the harbor and the bay for a look at small shipwrecks, as well as offering live aboard cruises through the islands.

Diving on Santo

On Santo, you'll find numerous shipwrecks to explore. The SS President Coolidge is the largest accessible shipwreck in the world, while the Henry Bonneaud and the USS Tucker can also be found in the area. If you're looking for more excitement than coral reefs can provide, these are the best for you. Operators in the area are Bokissa Private Island Diver Resort and Allen Power Dive Tours.

One of the best ways to enjoy spectacular beauty of South Pacific is to go diving in Vanuatu. From coral reef diving in Port Vila Harbour and Mele Bay, to shipwrecks diving on Santo, Vanuatu islands offer a great diving experience.

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