Vanuatu Snorkeling

Underwater Adventure at Snorkeling Spots in Vanuatu

While holidaying in Vanuatu, snorkeling should be one of the items at the very top of your to do list. Snorkeling is fun, easy, and provides an unimaginably beautiful view of what is going on under the water. You will find many great snorkeling spots in Vanuatu.

Professional Snorkeling Guides

At many resorts and locations, a marine biologist will be the one to guide your tour. Not only does this provide you with a professional tour, but you can also rest assured that nothing will be missed during your snorkeling adventure. Other locations also provide professional staff to lead you to dive sites and on snorkeling tours. The staff stays with you at all times to ensure you had the best experience and that you return safely as well. Most tours leave at a specific time, so it is best to check with the resort to find out more information.

Furthermore, most Vanuatu resorts offer snorkeling as a free service to their guests. This often includes the guided tour and the gear that you need for your snorkeling adventure. Whether you have been snorkeling before or this is your first time, the waters of Vanuatu create irreplaceable memories that can be captured by a number of different types of underwater cameras.

Hideaway Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary

If you plan to make your stay at Port Vila’s Hideaway Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary, you can even visit the underground post office. Boasted as the only underground post office in the world, this location can be reached by both divers and snorkelers alike to mail a letter or a post card that can be delivered locally or internationally. With your snorkeling gear already on, this is one experience that cannot be missed.

The Republic of Vanuatu, which is made up of 83 islands, recognizes that its location and surroundings truly makes it a marine paradise. There are very few places where you cannot be surrounded by coral reefs and tropical fish. Many of the first are so used to snorkelers that they will literally allow you to hand feed them as you make your way under the water. You can also see over 130 different types of coral in just 2-4m of water.

As such, snorkeling is encouraged anywhere that you stay and many places that you visit. No matter when you decide to do it or where you decide to go, it is one thing that should definitely be done before you return home.

Activities in Port Vila

  • Bareboat Charter - If you are planning a sailing holiday in Vanuatu, do your research on how to organize bareboat charter in Port Vila. 
  • Vanuatu Car Rentals - A great way to see and explore Vanuatu countryside is to rent a car in Vanuatu. But make sure you know the road rules. 
  • Vanuatu Cruising - Best way to get to know the islands is to take one of Vanuatu day or night cruises, including diving and romantic cruises, and sailing. 
  • Vanuatu Diving - You will find numerous diving sites in Vanuatu, in particular around Efate and Santo islands, including WWII shipwrecks. 
  • Port Vila Golfing - Right next door to Worawia resort is Port Vila Golf and Country Club, home to the Tusker Vanuatu Golf Open, where visitors are welcome. 
  • Vanuatu Hiking - One of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful nature-rich and mysterious land is by hiking the islands. 

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