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Port Vila is an amazing town. One of the main activities in the town is shopping, both for locals and tourists alike. Unless you intend to eat out each meal at a restaurant every day, you will need to know where to go for drinks, meat, fruits and vegetables. Port Vila has a few supermarkets, as well as numerous other shops for every kind of items you need.

You will find going to these shopping places and markets attractions in themselves. Port Vila's harbour, nearby islands, great dining, and a laid-back atmosphere are all great attractions in the city. Whether you're looking for duty free shops or want to buy local handicrafts and souvenirs, you'll find impressive offerings here.

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Cascades Waterfall - Probably one of the best known and most popular Vanuatu attractions, Cascades waterfall offers a number of tour options to visitors. These include half-day and full day tours, where you can enjoy swimming in its cascaded pools, or go trekking up to the top of the falls.

Mele Village - The largest settlement on Efate island, outside of Port Vila, Mele village is a unique attraction in itself. It's home to a number of resorts as well as popular tourist attractions, such as Secret Garden and Cascades Waterfall.

Port Vila Markets - Your visit to Vanuatu would not be complete without a trip to Port Vila markets. You will also find other shops in the main street, including Port Vila's Chinatown shopping area.

Port Vila Restaurants - Gaining reputation for culinary excellence across the South Pacific, Port Vila has a large number of restaurants available. We provide you with a guide to some of the best.

Port Vila Shopping - This true South Pacific shopping paradise offers duty free shopping, handcrafts and souvenirs, and boutique shops. You will also find a range of stores in Port Vila's Chinatown.

Port Vila Supermarkets - There is a small supermarkets galore in Port Vila that will cater for your groceries and other shopping needs. Most of the food stuff comes from Australia, New Zealand and France.

Top 5 Tourist Attractions - In a holiday place like Port Vila it's not easy to choose what to do, owing to many sightseeing, events, and activity choices. But if you like to do something different, something to remember and tell others about, see our list of the top five popular attractions and activities in Port Vila.

Vanuatu Naghol - Held on Pentecost Island every year in April and May, the land diving ceremony is done to invoke plentiful yam harvest and to celebrate masculinity of the local men. This ancient ceremony is one of the most unique and best known of Vanuatu attractions that is strictly controlled and only a certain number of visitors is allowed.