Mele Village

The largest village on Efate island

Located just outside of Port Vila town and a short drive from Bauerfield international airport, Mele Village is the larest settlement outside of Port Vila.

Apart from Worawia and Hideaway resorts located here, the village is host to some of Vanuatu's top attractions. These include Port Vila Golf and Country Club, next door to Worawia resort, Secret Garden (previous Botanical Gardens), and of course one of the best known attractions, Cascades Waterfall.

Port Vila Golf and Country Club
Located near the beach is Port Vila Golf and Country Club,
another popular attraction with the visitors to Vanuatu who enjoy active outtings.

Ocean front beach

Resort beach
Volcanic sand beach

When it comes to working those calories off, there’s nothing as relaxing as a leisurely beach walk. Just a few minutes stroll down our beach road and you’ll find yourself on a grey volcanic sand beach, curving along the golf course next door on one side and down to Hideaway Cove on the other side, lined by tropical palms and Banyan trees. Being usually uncrowded, you will find the beach peaceful and reflective – with a real island feel.

Mele Village Tour

Mele shop
Mele 'shopping centre'

For something really different, if you want to acquaint yourself with the local culture and village life, you can ask one of our staff, usually Manuel, to take you along on a short Mele village tour, for a modest fee. The village is a short stroll away from Worawia, where you can see traditional island life of Vanuatu. The tour will take an hour or two, but please respect the village locals as you would respect anyone’s else’s home.

   Attractions in Port Vila

Port Vila souvenir shop

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