Port Vila Markets

You Will Find A Treasure Trove for Shoppers At Port Vila Markets

The topical city of Port Vila, in Vanuatu, is known for many things. Pristine waters, perfect for diving, great dining and a laid-back atmosphere are all attractions in the city. However, if you're a shopper, you'll find an incredible diversity of options in town. Whether you are looking for duty free shopping or interested in buying local handicrafts to take home, you'll find impressive offerings here.

However, to make the most of your shopping experience, you'll need to know where to go. The city boasts a number of shopping areas, as well as street vendors, sales at resorts and bungalows and much more.

Your first stop should be at the Information Centre on the main drag to pick up a free map of the area. Now that you have your map in hand, you can head off on your Port Vila shopping expedition.

Chinatown in Rue Carnot

Port Vila
Port Vila harbour view 

Being the capitaly city and gateway to Vanuatu, Port Vila is home to some of the best Vanuatu hotels, apartments, resorts and bungalows

You'll find everything that you might expect in the Chinatown shopping area, as well as things that you might not expect. There are the usual stands and stall selling herbal cures for thinning hair and high blood pressure. But you'll also find Japanese electronics, local handicrafts, bargain basement deals on shoes and more. This is a great place for a bargain-hunting spree and should be on any itinerary.

Luganville Town

Luganville Town offers you souvenirs, local arts and crafts and more. This quaint area is packed with coffee shops, diners and great places to stop and enjoy. You'll find a dive shop in the area as well, to help you get set for those incredible waters offshore. This is an ideal place to find traditional souvenirs.

Main Street Shops

Main Street is positively crammed with shopping opportunities. You'll find art galleries where you can pick up original works of art for bargain prices. There are also souvenirs, liquor stores, French perfume and electronics. The eclectic selection offers diehard shoppers the best access to the broadest array of items. The prices are slightly higher than in Chinatown, though the quality of the items is somewhat better. You'll find more hand crafted items than those that were mass-produced.

Regardless of where you go in Port Vila, you'll find shopping opportunities. Villages surrounding the city all offer local handicrafts, while every island nearby has a specialty, from spirit masks adorned with pig tusks to ancestral figurines and much more. Port Vila shopping offers a variety of experiences.

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Port Vila souvenir shop

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