Port Vila Restaurants

A Guide to Port Vila Dining and Port Vila Restaurants

Port Vila is rapidly gaining a reputation for culinary excellence across the South Pacific. The large number of incredible restaurant is almost impossible to catalog. Almost every restaurant in the city has received glowing reviews and offers great service. In fact, the entire city seems to be service-driven, with the pleasure of guests as their primary focus.


This restaurant features an out-of-the-way location, as well as an incredible tropical experience. Guests will experience amazing service and a lot of fun. The tropical theme carries over to the dishes and drinks; you'll find all drinks garnished with tropical flowers and fruit. The menu consists of island favorites, as well as a large number of international selections done up with a tropical theme.

Chill Restaurant & Bar

Port Vila harbour park
A large park situated in the center of Port Vila provides a good escape from the busy city streets, where one can enjoy a relaxing walk and soak in beautiful sights of the Port Vila harbour, looking over to Iririki island resort across harbour

If you're looking for upscale, modern dining, this is the place for you. You'll find bold d├ęcor, as well as an interesting location. Featuring an international menu that includes the likes of island pizza, seafood, vegetarian plates and more, this restaurant will certainly please any palate. In addition, you'll find a large selection of wines, from Australia, New Zealand and even France. If drinks are your thing, you'll find a long list of tasty offerings.

Vila Chaumieres

Featuring authentic French cuisine and river dining, this restaurant is a fun experience, as well as a great place to dine in the heart of Port Vila. If you choose a table at the river's edge, you can feed the fish in the water while you dine, as well as enjoy the spectacle of the lighted river at night.

While the restaurant is a little more expensive than most in the city, it is well worth the little bit of extra cash to experience the atmosphere and food.

Tropik Bistrot

This restaurant features French cuisine, made with local ingredients. One of the local favorites is the mustard steak, made with Santo beef (local cattle). The service is spectacular and guests can expect to be remembered on their return visit. The restaurant also offers a convenient location, just off of the main strip through town.

Mamu Bar

The Mamu Bar offers a prime location for a quick drink and a meal. In addition, the bar atmosphere is festive and the bar is usually host to a number of travelers; you'll find Aussies, Americans, French travelers and many others at this watering hole. The bar offers a large list of beers and drinks, as well as a light menu.

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Port Vila souvenir shop

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