Port Vila Shopping

A Variety of Shopping Wonders in Port Vila

While Port Vila is the ideal setting for you to enjoy the warm waters and sun of the South Pacific, the city also teems with other ways to spend your time. You can enjoy fine dining, enjoy the numerous nightclubs or hike into the backcountry for some tropical enjoyment. However, the shopping in Port Vila is some of the best around; you'll find numerous opportunities to pick up rare souvenirs, duty-free shopping options and more.

Duty Free Shopping

Duty free shopping is one of the hottest attractions to wandering around Port Vila. However, if you don't know where to go, you'll quickly find that Chinatown bargains or handicrafts, rather than the items that you want, surround you.

Paris Shopping offers fine clothing and other duty free items and can be found downtown, near Stop Press. Prouds Duty Free is located just the other side of the downtown market place, while the Downtown Duty Free shop is near the Olympic Hotel. Vanuatu Bijouterie Jewelry offers you duty free jewelry and is located in the Pilioko House, just opposite the French Embassy downtown. Vila Duty Free Gifts is a great duty free gift shop and can be found on Main Street, near the bank.

Handicrafts and Souvenirs

Local handicrafts and souvenirs are some of the more popular items for purchase on the island. You'll find a wide array of shops offering you authentic merchandise. As a word to the wise, the shops on Main Street sell authentic crafts, while Chinatown offers mass produced versions.

Angie's Handicrafts is located next to the Food Market and can be easily found downtown. Goodies Exchange and Handicrafts is located beside the El Gecko Restaurant in the heart downtown. You'll find Handikraf Blong Vanuatu near the food market downtown, as well, while L'Atelier is located just the other side of Westpac Bank downtown. Center Point Markets is the best place to find sundries and souvenir and you can find them near the CenterPoint Super Market.

Boutique Shopping

Boutique shopping offers you some of the best handcrafted arts and crafts in the city; you'll find a wide array of shops for your needs. Vila Handprints is located in the center of town in the visitor center, while Mango is located inside Olympic House. Carla Boutique offers you great deals and can be found neat the Stop Press, while Especially for You is located near the Rossi Ocean Walk House.

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Port Vila souvenir shop

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