Port Vila Supermarkets

Discover Markets Galore in Port Vila

Shopping in Port Vila is an art form all its own. If you are on the docks when the cruise ships arrive, you'll be immediately besieged by local hawkers selling everything from sarongs to coconuts and Tanna coffee. However if you're staying in the city, you'll need to find some regular shopping areas from which to purchase your needed supplies.

While shopping is plentiful in the city, don't expect to find deep discounts on food and drink, especially if you're looking for Western fare. Almost everything must be imported, thus you may actually pay more for a bottle of soda than you might in Australia. Local produce is a little more reasonable; you can find a wide variety available for less than what you would spend at home.

Au Bon Marche Downtown

This is the best place in downtown to get your grocery items. The store sells everything that you'll need, though expect to pay a considerable amount for soda, imported juice and much more. Local items, such as Tanna coffee and powdered Kava are much more reasonable, though not cheap. The store carries all the necessities, though the selection may seem a little limited to those accustomed to the luxuries of the Western world.

The Drug Store

Located on Lini Highway (just down from the Au Bon Marche), the Drug Store offers more sundries and groceries. You can pick up things like disposable cameras, beach towels and postcards here, as well. Once again, expect to pay a little more than you might expect.

Port Vila Market

The market lies near the Au Bon Marche and is the place to go for local fruits and vegetables. You can find a wide assortment of items, though you'll need a local to tell you what everything is (and how to eat it!). If you're the adventurous sort, this is a great place to try something new. You'll find kava, Tanna coffee, island cabbage and quite a bit more.

Au Bon Marche Nambatu

If you want a larger selection than the Au Bon Marche downtown, grab a bus and head for Nambatu. You'll pay about the same, though you'll find a larger selection from which to choose. This is a more comprehensive supermarket and closer to Western sensibilities. You will still pay relatively high prices for imported items, though. Remember, local items are affordable, while luxury items will cost you.

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