Top 5 Tourist Attractions of Port Vila

Activities and places of interest in Port Vila

Port Vila is the capital city and the main gateway to Vanuatu islands. It offers great scenic spots, lot of bars and restaurants, duty free shopping, local markets, supermarkets, and a lot of water and land based activities. When you holiday in Port Vila you will feel relaxed and rejuvenated in this laidback tropical paradise.

Port Vila attractions

There are many annual events in and around Port Vila, as well as numerous of places of interest. What you choose will depend on your preferences, perhaps your budget and of course where in Port Vila you decide to stay. However, you can easily traverse the town by public transport and taxis. So, reaching any sightseeing spots and tour facilities will be relatively easy.

Looking at Hideaway Island from a hill
Hideaway Island offers many interesting holiday activity options, being home to its namesake resort, marine reserve, and the world's only underwater post office

Here are the top five tourist attractions in Port Vila that will arouse your interest, especially if you like to do something different from the usual tropical holiday activities.

Wet 'n Wild Zorbing

Rolling down the hill in a giant inflatable Hydro ball? If this sounds like something you'd enjoy doing, then you're welcome to Zorbing. The Hydro ball is filled with water to cushion the roll and slow it down, which makes it a fun ride for the whole family. This Zorbing ride down the hillside in picturesque Mele Cove is said to be the longest in the world.

Mele Cascades

Standing under Cascades waterfall
Going to Cascades waterfall can be a great fun in more ways than one, for the whole family
Another great place of interest for family fun, is located in Efate Island which is about 15 minutes buggy ride from the capital city is Mele Cascades. This is a waterfall where you get to choose what sort of game you want to do whether you want to dive into the pool and have a good swim or sit around the pool and just enjoy the scenery or even explore the caves that are located around the cascaded pools. Being an adventurous person can also be utilized here as you can dive into the pool from the top of the rock which is about 45 to 50m tall.

Hideaway Island Marine Reserve

Located on Hideaway Island, this tourist attraction is basically a place where you can just relax in the water, eat, scuba dive and even snorkel. If you are going with your kids, they will love this place because it affords them the great opportunity of swimming with the wild lives while they learn about the wild life all at the same time.

Another interesting fact about this great city is that you can also have a waterproof postcard delivered to any part of the world that you desire, through a post office that is located under the water and this is simply interesting. This underwater post office can be found at Hideaway Island's marine sanctuary, operated by Vanuatu Post. It's the only underwater post office in the world.

Blokart Vanuatu

For those who like land based activities, speed and exhiliration, Blokart Land Sailing is the activity you're looking for. You ride a 3-wheeled vehicle that's moved along via wind sail. It's a great beach fun, where vehicles can reach as much as 15 knots of land speed when the wind is favourable.

Vanuatu Jungle Zipline

Located in the lush green forest of Port Vila, this is another adrenaline activity for those who enjoy green, jungle outdoors. Vanuatu's Jungle Zipline is a ride where you have to pass through the jungle canopy and slide on 6 ziplines over two suspension bridges. Needless to say, it's a wobbly ride in nature and over a canyon some 80 metres high, starting at the top of a waterfall. These thrilling rides can reach great speeds over its 1.3 km long ziplines. You will definitely experience an adrenaline rush on this fast, scenic ride.

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   Attractions in Port Vila

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