ATV Adventure in Vanuatu

Explore this tropical paradise with ATV adventure tours in Vanuatu

It's one thing to go to Port Vila and Vanuatu, stay at your hotel, dine out and go for a swim. It's another thing to have a sense of adventure, go outdoors and enjoy your holiday in Port Vila with full lungs.

For those who seek an adventure in Vanuatu, there's no better way to see some of the most scenic sites and beautiful locations, then riding on your own quad or all-terrain vehicle (ATV). Stop and take photos, or just enjoy panoramic views.

We bring you here six different Vanuatu tours, all of which either incorporate ATV rides, or have them available as an option. Here's the first two; the others will follow shortly. Go to our Download page to view or grab 2-page PDF info on these tours.

  Vanuatu Tours with ATV Adventure rides
Coastal ATV Adventure Riding Tour in Vanuatu

Coastal ATV Adventure Riding Tour

There's no better way to experience true Vanuatu than riding along its scenic beach coastline on your own all-terrain vehicle or ATV, also known as quad or buggy. The one-hour tour involves riding along Port Vila coastline, as well as going to the mountains to enjoy panoramic views of Mele Bay and Hideway Island.

Jungle ATV Adventure Riding Tour in Vanuatu

Jungle ATV Adventure Riding Tour

As a tropical island destination, Vanuatu features many lush jungles located on its islands, including some in close proximity to Port Vila. This jungle ATV ride gives you the opportunity to explore this side of Vanuatu, while having a great fun riding your own quad. Stop and take pictures, or just enjoy the great tropical surrounds on bush treks.