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With nearly 170 pages, this site wouldn't be complete without our guest authors. From time to time we publish guest posts from our contributing writers, which adds more diversity to the content on We thank you all for adding to the variety of writings on this site.

Here's a partial list of our guest authors, who have contributed one or more guest posts in the recent years:


Jennifer Ranking

Originally from the UK, Jennifer converted her copywriting experience into freelence writing expertise. She has published 3 posts on this site.

Ruby Andrew

An avid reader and blogger from the UK, Ruby's article have been published in leading UK newspapers. She has contributed 4 articles to this site.

  ANNE JEFFRIES - contributed one post
Port Vila Packages

Port Vila Holiday Packages

There are many choices and options available when you're looking for all-inclusive or accommodation-only holiday packages in Port Vila, or Vanuatu in general. We give you some guidance and advice on what to look for when selecting your desired Port Vila holiday package.

  REBECCA SIGGERS - contributed one post
Fun Things to Do in Vanuatu

7 Fun Things to Do in Vanuatu

Going on a holiday is an exciting thing by itself. Make it even more exciting by including unusual and interesting activities and things to do. Both Port Vila town and Vanuatu islands offer a wide range of holiday activities that will never have you bored. We've put together a list of 7 fun things to do in Vanuatu.

  VANESSA EAGLES - contributed one post
Major Islands of Vanuatu

6 Major Islands of Vanuatu

There are 83 islands in Vanuatu's archipelago, located in the South Pacific region. 65 of those are inhabited, but only a handful of them are visited by the tourists. Being a diverse nation, each of the islands offers a unique experience. We have chosen 6 major islands to get you acquainted by Vanuatu islands.

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