Port Vila Bungalows

Vanuatu's and South Pacific Paradise

Located on Efate island, Port Vila is the capital and the largest town in Vanuatu. This bustling city has been home to Melanesian people for thousands of years. The town has built an enormous amount of history, culture and heritage. These long-held traditions make Port Vila an ideal place to provide the authentic style of holiday accommodation, enjoyed by Melanesians themselves.

Traditional Melanesian housing style

Bungalows are traditional form of housing style throughout Vanuatu islands, including its capital Port Vila. This is also a common form of architecture throughout the South Pacific region, whose building style can vary not only in different Pacific island countries, but also on each island in the same country.

Wooden bungalows

Bungalows made of wood are all of course built manually, although modern Melanesian islanders won't dismiss some of the modern tools of trade to speed up the process and make it easier on hands. But the majority of the work is done by hands, making wooden bungalows a true, wonderful style of imperfection, with an esthetic appeal.

Modern bungalows

There are also more modern-style bungalows built with bricks and mortar. These are popular holiday accommodation choice with more modern resorts in Vanuatu. Many holiday places in Port Vila provide this type of modern bungalow accommodation.

Bungalows in Port Vila

Here's more information about Port Vila bungalow accommodation options:

  • Port Vila Bungalow - Bungalow accommodation in Port Vila offers comfort and privacy. These comfortable structures are usually made of natural materials, including wood, bamboo, and thatch. 
  • Bungalow Accommodations - For those who prefer traditional housing on their holiday in Vanuatu, we list several lodges and resorts that provide bungalow accommodation in Port Vila. 
  • Bungalow Places in Port Vila - One of the most popular and exciting accommodation options for couples and families. Both standard and water bungalows are available - we recommend a few bungalow places in Port Vila. 
  • Resorts with Bungalows - One of the best ways to stay in Port Vila is in Vanuatu's authentic bungalows. Unique to the South Pacific, they're preferred form of accommodation for visitors.  
  • Traditional Bungalows - Staying in a bungalow is a great way to enjoy your Vanuatu holiday. These traditional accommodation places are usually located in tropical gardens and on the beach.