Port Vila Bungalow

Experience The Joy of Port Vila Bungalow Accommodation

Almost anyone who imagines a tropical island getaway pictures themselves on white sand beaches, surrounded by palm trees gently swaying in the cool breeze, and a little hut or thatched roof cottage or bungalow to stay in.

While this may be a common form of architecture throughout the South Pacific, there are not many hotels or resorts that make them available to their customers.

In Port Vila, the capital city of the island nation of Vanuatu, that is not the case however. Here dozens of resorts and hotels offer bungalow accommodations to their many visitors and guests.

The Comfort of Bungalow Accommodation

Typically Port Vila bungalow places provide a comfortable structure made of wood, bamboo, thatch and other natural materials. While having all of the modern amenities of a standard hotel or rental room (including wireless internet access and spa tubs) the bungalows will be situated on the beach or lagoon belonging to the resort or hotel. The bungalows will also stand apart from any well traveled or busy areas to give guests a true sense of relaxation and island privacy.

For couples and families, bungalow getaways are becoming a preferred method of spending time in Port Vila. They offer an excellent opportunity for uninterrupted time together, and are located in the most ideal and pleasant spots.

Port Vila Bungalow kitchen
Even traditionally built bungalows will often provide cozy comfort

Many resorts will offer traditional rooms as well as bungalows in their comprehensive vacation packages. Some areas are quite exclusive or limited to adults only, so it is a great idea to make travel plans online to be sure that the bungalow package fits the needs of the travelers.

Bungalow Privacy

The pleasure of simple living in peace and ease is available to visitors who reserve a vacation bungalow of their own in Port Vila. The noise of the city can be left far behind and by stepping through their front door a guest can enjoy the beach, the sea or a beautiful and shady lagoon. The privacy of a bungalow is hard to beat, and many offer connecting rooms to allow families to stay together without any sense of crowding or lack of privacy.

Vanuatu and Port Vila are incredibly beautiful areas, full of diverse cultural opportunities, wonderful scenery, excellent cuisine and friendly people. Many visitors to the islands find that their experience was completed by staying in one of the many authentic bungalow accommodations available at resort locations in the Port Vila area.

Bungalow accommodation in Port Vila

Inside bungalow

Resort accommodation

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