Traditional Bungalows

Vanuatu Bungalows Offer Traditional Style Accommodation

While there are a few options for western-style holiday accommodation in Port Vila, you'll find that most of the resorts and hotels offer bungalows, rather than traditional rooms. Bungalows are the traditional style of housing in the islands and continue to be used by the majority of the population.

Staying in bungalows can be a great way to enjoy your vacation; they offer privacy, unique architecture and are usually spread through tropical gardens or located directly on the beach for your pleasure and convenience.

Island Magic Resort

This is a wonderful resort, featuring upscale accommodations for those who don't want luxury or budget accommodations during their stay. You'll find private decks on each bungalow, as well as a poolside bar for your relaxation and enjoyment. All bungalows at Island Magic Resort are spread out with tropical gardens surrounding them, as well as boasting easy access to the beach. Nearby dining options offer you incredible convenience, while you have direct access to swimming, diving, sailing and snorkeling.

Bungalow verandah
Bungalows are the traditional style of housing accommodations in Vanuatu

Tranquility Island Resort

This beach resort is a dive base and eco tour base, as well as a great resort. You'll find thatched bungalows situated on the water's edge, each featuring hot and cold showers, private baths and more. In addition, Tranquility Island Resort features a turtle sanctuary to protect the endangered Hawkesbill Turtles indigenous to the area.

Fatutu Bungalows

Fatutu Bungalows offer you a great location, away from the city. You'll find that the incredible lagoon, the beautiful bungalows and the great service staff make your stay more than memorable. Each bungalow features a private deck or patio, overlooking the glorious water. Fatutu Bungalows boasts kayaking, canoeing, fish feeding, diving and snorkeling for your enjoyment, as well. The award-winning restaurant on property lets you stay happy on property, without having to venture out if you choose not to.

Mangoes Resort

If you're looking for luxury bungalows and the best in amenities, then Mangoes Resort is the place for you. You'll find 20 deluxe bungalows, perfect for a getaway for two for a family vacation. You'll also find a number of amenities at Mangoes Resort. Wireless Internet access is available, snorkel and fins are available, a currency exchange is on property, DVD rentals, an incredible pool, massages and, of course, Mangoes Restaurant. Stay in style with the best resort on the island and make the most of your vacation.

There are many more Port Vila holiday accommodation places that offer traditional bungalows for holiday rental. Online booking services can help you find the bungalows you need for your South Pacific adventure.

Bungalow accommodation in Port Vila

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Resort accommodation

Port Vila Bungalow - Bungalow accommodation in Port Vila offers comfort and privacy. These structures are made of natural materials, including wood, bamboo, and thatch. 
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