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Staying Away from Port Vila in Efate Island Resorts

While Port Vila may be small when compared to other capital cities, it is still a bustling place, filled with business and tourist crowds. For those that seek seclusion and privacy, Efate has much to offer.

You will find numerous resorts around the island that are blissfully far away from the bustle of Port Vila, as well as the distractions of the modern world. You will find the great accommodations that you want around the island of Efate, outside Port Vila.

Here are some of the best known island resorts and what they have on offer.

Hideaway Island Resort

As the name implies, this is an amazing retreat from the everyday. Located on a small island just off the coast of Efate, you'll find total seclusion and enjoyment. Enjoy the best in snorkeling and scuba diving, as well as the tranquil waters of the lagoon. The Melanesian restaurant allows you to dine on the beach, barefoot if that is your desire. You'll find luxurious bungalows here, but no phones or fax machines. You will also find no Internet connection or computers on property. Get away from it all by leaving it all behind.

Eratap Beach Resort

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Billed as Efate's finest boutique resort, you will find that this island resort lives up to its billing. 3 beaches, 8 acres of incredible garden and the best access to the sea are just some of the benefits of staying at Eratap Beach Resort.

You will also enjoy your choice of 12 bungalows for your comfort, the large private pool, a restaurant and bar, kayaks and more. If you want diving and snorkeling, you will find that here, as well. Stunning reefs and crystalline waters, as well as the white sand beaches you expect surround Eratap Beach Resort.

Tranquility Island Resort & Dive Base

This is the premiere location for those in love with the water. Tranquility Island is just as beautiful as the name implies; you will find that this paradise provides you with the serene, secluded accommodations that you want, just off the coast of Efate.

Thatched bungalows on the edge of the sea offer you the most romantic accommodations possible, while you will also enjoy access to the turtle sanctuary and the dive boat.

If you want primitive accommodations around the island, you will find those as well. Backpacking through Efate is a fantastic way to experience the people and the wonderful beauty of the island. However, while you will find accommodations, you will not find luxury amenities with these options.

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