Things To Do Outside of Port Vila

There are Many Things to Do and Attractions on Efate Island

Port Vila is an exciting place to visit because of the number of activities you may do and sights you may see. However, there are many more things that you can do outside of Port Vila as you explore the entire island of Efate. The more you expand your visit, the more beauty and enjoyment you will get during your visit.

Mele Cascades

Just outside of Port Vila are the Mele Cascades. Most hotels and resorts can assist you in finding tours that run to the Mele Cascades Waterfall. In addition to just the Cascades, tours can also include enough time to swim, as well as a visit to the Mele Botanical Gardens or Mele Village. Included in most rates are your return transfer, a guided tour, and refreshments.

Walking on a bridge to Cascades waterfall
Whether you enjoy bushwalking or spending a day at waterfall, Cascades waterfall offers a grea day out for the entire family.

Eton Beach

For beach fun outside of Port Vila, Eton Beach is one of your best options. Located on the eastern coast of Efate, Eton Beach offers guests beautiful, white sand and crystal clear, aquamarine water. Many days you can travel throughout the different beach areas and find a place where you have a secluded piece of sand.

Ekasup Village

Get a glimpse at traditional village life at Ekasup Village. Not far from Port Vila, Ekasup Village offers cultural tours for all visitors so that they can taste traditionally cooked foods, watch traditional ceremonies, and learn how to fish as the villagers do. While these tours are arranged to attract tourists, they do offer an important look at how those in the village live their day-to-day lives.

Round the Island Tour

A tour around the island is another great way to experience Efate outside of Port Vila. These tours are usually provided by any of the bus drivers. Depending on the price you want to pay, it may just include the tour or it may include additions like lunch, tea times, and admission to the beaches. Through your tour, you are likely to find out much more about the way of life in Vanuatu, including information about the culture, the history, and the people.

The best way to plan which attractions you would like to visit in Port Vila and which activities you would like to do outside of Port Villa is to make a list. Many of the attractions and activities can be found on various websites, providing you with plenty of information about each one. By planning ahead, you can determine which things you would like to do first or that you definitely would like to do while on your vacation.

Road to Port Vila, Efate

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