Efate Island Resorts

Beauty and Quiet Atmosphere of Resorts on Efate Island

A visit to Port Vila can be an exciting thing, filled with tropical beauty and friendly locals. However, staying in the bustling city can be a quick way to get a headache if you're looking for peace and quiet.

However, the island of Efate offers many more resorts than those in the city of Port Vila town. Resorts located around the quieter parts of the island, outside of Port Vila, offer just as many amenities, without the bustle of the city as a backdrop.

Here are some of best known resorts on Efate island.

Hideaway Island Resort

A view of Hideaway island from a plane

A view of Hideaway Island from a plane window. The island is home to
Hideaway Island Resort, one of popular Efate island resorts, located near
Mele village, where you can catch a short ferry ride to the island and resort.

Located on an island in the middle of Mele Bay, Hideaway Island Resort lives up to its name. If you're looking for a way to get away from it all, and do it in style, this is the place for you. This innovative resort offers no televisions, no telephones, no fax machines and no Internet access.

Diving, beach combing, swimming and relaxing are the predominant ways to unwind, though you'll find the lack of technological encumbrances refreshing. If you really want to get away from it all, Hideaway Island Resort will help.

Bluewater Island Resort

Naiwe beach at Bluewater Island Resort
At Bluewater Island Resort you can enjoy sun and water on Naiwe Beach

The Bluewater Island Resort is one of the best locations for the family in the area. You will find an enormous area specially designed for kids to swim and have fun, as well as numerous kids' activities through the resort.

You will also find incredible tropical gardens, quaint bungalows and an amazing experience at Bluewater Island Resort.

Choose from garden bungalows or lagoon view bungalows for your pleasure. Considerable beach space exists at this resort and it’s a prime location for scuba diving, as well.

Crystal Blue Lagoon

The Crystal Blue Lagoon resort is newly opened in 2008. You'll find an incredible location on Turtle Bay, white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and easy access to the White Sands Country Club. Crystal Blue Lagoon has 19 bungalows, spread out across the area, with several offering interconnecting rooms for families. You'll find beachfront and lagoon view accommodations, as well. The onsite restaurant offers international dishes for your pleasure.

Eratap Beach Resort

One of the most exclusive resorts on Efate, the Eratap Beach Resort offers you the pampered experience that you want. This boutique resort offers only 12 villas, though they are sumptuously decorated and provide all the comforts of home. You'll find several white sand beaches for enjoyment, as well as a beachfront restaurant, a large outdoor pool and more. Diving, exploring and beachcombing are all available right in front of Eratap Beach Resort.

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