March 2007

The Travel Bug - Issue 25

Nomads and Global Gossip Vanuatu Winners

Nomads Moorings Hotel, Port Vila Vanuatu will be opening their doors for business soon! And to celebrate, Nomads & Global Gossip are teaming up to give one lucky winner a trip for two, including airfare courtesy of Air Vanuatu! How does it work? Each week, entrants must answer a question about Nomads, Global Gossip, or Vanuatu to be entered to win one of 10 fantastic weekly prizes. Each weekly winner (and customers may enter every week if they wish!) will then be entered for the final drawing of the amazing grand prizes. (Source: update)

South Pacific Tourism Organisation New Identity

Leading Tourism Organisation for the South Pacific, formerly known as the South Pacific Tourism Organisation (SPTO), has taken on a 3rd millennium name to draw attention to its rapidly developing portal. Director Paul Hughes said “new media is the greatest thing that’s happened for economic growth in the region. We intend to milk it for all it’s worth.” has about 200 private sector members across the Pacific. Members receive benefits such as features and links on the official destination portal for the South Pacific (which received 743,000 visitors in 2006), regular market intelligence, and participation in marketing and development programmes.
(Source: update)

Pacific Business Search Tool

“Pacificbizonline” is an online database developed specifically to provide an ‘information gateaway’ to businesses and commercial contacts in the Pacific Islands. The database offers contact and information details of registered businesses, private sector and public sector organisations and others that work within the commercial arenas in their respective Pacific countries. "Pacificbizonline" is a joint project between the Pacific Cooperation Foundation and the Pacific Islands Trade & Investment Commission. (Source: update)

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