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As the largest city in Vanuatu and its capital, Port Vila is the gateway to Vanuatu islands. While the local people are of Melanesian origin, it's also home to a lively mix of expatriate cultures of Asian and European origin.

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Port Vila Town Info

Port Vila Town Information

Located on Efate island, Vanuatu's gateway and the main administrative island, Port Vila town is also the largest and most populated city in Vanuatu. This is where you can also find most hotels and resorts, as well as links to other islands of Vanuatu archipelago.

Bauerfiled International Airport

Bauerfield International Airport

As the gateway to Vanuatu, Port Vila is also home to Vanuatu's only international airport, Bauerfield Airport. Both domestic and international flights are operated from this airport by the local carrier Air Vanuatu, as well as several other international airlines.

Best Cuisines in Port Vila

Best Cuisines in Port Vila

One of the things that you can look forward to on your holiday in Port Vila, is to try many different cuisines at its restaurants. From Asian, Italian and barbecue, to Mediterranean and seafood dishes, you can enjoy a true feast in the Vanuatu capital.

Fun Things in Port Vila

Fun Things to Do in Port Vila

When you holiday in Port Vila, you will find plenty of things to do with various attractions and holiday tours. There's so much to explore in this tropical paradise, in and around the town. Discover seven fun things you can do in Port Vila.

Port Vila Tours

Popular Port Vila Tours

Port Vila offers a whole range of excellent tours and activities. Its laid-back tropical atmosphere provides a great escape from everyday concerns, helping you to immerse yourself into a charming mix of cultures and Melanesian tastes of this great holiday destination.

Port Vila Dining

Port Vila Dining Variety

When holidaying in Port Vila, you will find numerous ways to enjoy your stay here. One of the things that will be on your mind is wining and dining. You will find many different options to dine and drink, including bars, caf├ęs, clubs and restaurants.

Holiday Packages

Port Vila Holiday Packages

If you're looking for a great tropical holiday destination, choose Port Vila town and Vanuatu islands. This great location offers a range of activities for a great holiday experience. Some of these are often included Vanuatu holiday packages.

Port Vila Holidays

Port Vila Holidays Fun

Port Vila is the commercial and economic center of Vanuatu. It's also the most popular holiday and travel destination on Vanuatu islands, attracting visitors from many countries. It's a true Vanuatu holiday center, offering numerous holiday activities.

Resorts in Port Vila

Resorts in Port Vila

Some of the loveliest holiday accommodation can be found at Port Vila resorts. They line the coast and lush hillsides of this tropical paradise, overlooking beautiful port Vila harbour. The town is an excellent place to visit and enjoy your holiday in Vanuatu.

Restaurants in Port Vila

Restaurants in Port Vila

Located on Efate Island, Port Vila could be your ideal holiday destination, especially if you happen to be coming from Australia. It's a great place to 'chill out', enjoy coastal views, tropical atmosphere and sample some of the best international cuisine.

Shopping Destinations

Shopping Destinations

Port Vila has been long known as duty free South Pacific shopper's paradise. Visitors from Australia and New Zealand will often hop over to Vanuatu for their duty free shopping. But Port Vila also offers other shopping possibilities.

Things to Do With Children

Things to Do With Children

As a family holiday destination, Vanuatu and its capital Port Vila are an ideal tropical location for a fun holiday for the whole family. Many hotels and resorts cater for family holidays. We have selected a few attractions that offer things to do in Port Vila with your children.

The City of Port Vila

The City of Port Vila is an amazing place. You'll find hundreds of activities and attractions with which to occupy your time, from fishing to scuba diving and diving in the blue holes that dot the island. You'll find dining, shopping and items of historical interest, as well. Visitors will also find a wide range of Port Vila resorts with which to stay. Whether you crave affordable holiday accommodations, preferring to spend your money in the city, or desire luxurious pampering, you'll find the right options for you.

A beautiful South Pacific tropical resort by the sea
The main island of Efate and surrounding smaller islands, are home to many splendid
resorts and hotels, all of which provide wonderful Port Vila holiday experiences.

Located on Efate island

The town of Port Vila is located on Efate island, one of the larger islands in Vanuatu archipelago, which consists of 83 islands. The majority of Vanuatu hotels, motels, resorts and bungalows can be found on and around Efate island.

Some of the best known Port Vila resorts located on smaller islands are:

  • Hideaway Island Resort 
  • Erakor Island Resort 
  • Tranquility Island Resort 
  • Iririki Island Resort 

and many other tropical island resorts. These cater for couples, families, solo travellers, group bookings and complete holiday packages, often including airfares.


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