Cuisines That Are Considered Best in Port Vila

Treat your taste buds with a variety of international food
on your holiday in Port Vila

When you escape to another country for a well needed holiday, one of the aspects that you’re sure to look forward to is the variety of cuisine that’s available. If you’re visiting Port Vila, you’ll be glad to know there are a range of cuisine options that you can get stuck into.

Whether it’s a bit of the ocean that you wish to taste, then seafood is the one for you. Alternatively, you can get into a bit of a grill food that’s sure satisfy your stomach. Here are some cuisines that you should consider when you come to visit Port Vila.

A rich variety of cooked and fried of meals on a table
One of holiday enjoyments in Port Vila is to try different international cuisines,
at a variety of excellent restaurants around the town. (Image: Lisy via Pixabay)


If you’re hitting the tropical islands which are covered in an ocean of blue water, then you know for sure that the fresh seafood produce is going to tickle a few taste buds. Anything from fresh fish to prawns, the local seas have plenty of fisherman on the shores ready to collect seafood for the local restaurants. In terms of your options, there’s plenty to choose from including The Blue Marlin Club, Francesca’s Beach Club Restaurant and Back to Eden Restaurant.


It's a South Pacific holiday in Port Vila, but we're sure you wouldn't mind to have a taste of the meditarranian food, too. What’s great about the Port Vila area is the destination of each restaurant that serves the cuisine too. The setting compliments the food exquisitely, providing a truly exotic experience to your lunchtime and evening meals. There are a range of restaurants that offer mediterranean cuisine. For a romantic setting, Paradise Cove Restaurant provides location for a meal for two. Alternatively, you can also try Rockwater Resort or the Terrace Restaurant.

A variety of Asian meals on a table
With its variety of cooking practices and ingredients, Asian cuisine is especially
appealing to those who want to try different tastes and unusual dishes. (Pic: Jyleen21)


It’s no surprise that East Asian food is extremely popular in the town of Port Vila. If you ever have a craving for a bit of pad thai or egg fried rice, you’ll never be too far from an Asian restaurant to satisfy it. The large range available means that the environment you choose is ideal. For a more casual setting you can consider Kesorn’s Exotic Thai Restaurant. Alternatively, Wild Ginger provides an Asian fusion cuisine looking over the beach.


The Italian restaurants in Port Vila offer a great family-friendly experience that has menu choices for the whole family. Pizzas, pasta, spaghetti - whatever you like you’re sure to find it in the selection of Italian restaurants that Port Vila has to offer. Some of the choices available for you to choose from include The Beach Bar, Francesca’s Beach Club and La Table Sur La Plage. As you can imagine, each of these have fantastic views too.

Sumptuous steak being barbecued on a grill
When you are on a holiday in Port Vila, one can't go past juicy grilled steaks and
other barbecu specialities at different steakhouses located around the city.


Steakhouses are considered extremely popular in Port Vila and it’s represented through the several grill restaurants that are available to choose from around the area. Stonegrill restaurant is considered one of the favourites to visit with the locals and tourists that arrive. Alternatively, you can find grill choices at the Back to Eden Restaurant, Warhorse Saloon and the Flaming Bull SteakHouse.

What makes a great holiday is the hot tropical weather in Vanuatu, beautiful scenery and fantastic people. But what really tops it off is the cuisine to go with it. So, whilst you might be sitting at home looking for great food on your London restaurant deals website, in reality you could be enjoying a great holiday in Port Vila and fantastic cuisine that can match it. You won’t be short of options when you visit.

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