7 Fun Things to Do in Port Villa – Vanuatu

Discover popular attractions in Port Vila

Port Villa is the largest city of Vanuatu, situated in an island. An island itself means that there are lots of things you can do for fun. But, to be specific, Port Villa has a lot more to offer than it looks on the map. There are lots of things that have made it become a strong tourist hub.

The following list comprises of seven fun things you can do in Port Villa on your holiday in Vanuatu.

Edge Vanuatu

Cascades Waterfall in Port Vila
Going to Cascades waterfall is one of the most popular day tours in Port Vila
Edge Vanuatu has managed to attract huge numbers of tourists over the recent years, with different tours in Port Vila and Vanuatu they offer. You get a chance to discover the wilderness of the Vanuatu forests together with the Cascades Waterfall. The high peak above waterfalls provides tourists with a rare chance to view the spectacular Efate Island and Melee bay. An amazing opportunity for photographers very rare and nice opportunity to discover the hidden caves behind the waterfalls.

The Beach Bar

Wet and Wild Zorbing and Jet Ski, The Beach bar is undoubtedly one of the best places to have a rare experience inside the hydro ball that falls all the way down. Jet Ski fans have an awesome chance to escalate their skills on this calm water shore with a cool breeze and the summer sun.

Hideaway Island Marine Reserve

The paradise on Earth for swimmers, unleash your potential with different water effects from harsh to calm waves. Enjoy an amazing horse ride through the fantastic scenery around. Skilled help is also available. Discover through the varied farms and thick forests. Trekkers will have fun. A one-stop place for photograph enthusiasts.

Jojo Beach Club

Enjoy the calm shores and blue waters, swimmers will have a good time. Explore the beautiful lounges and taste splendid continental food. Relax under the summer sun and get awesome time together with friendly staff.

Underwater Post Office

Experience a rare chance to post a water-proof package under the sea. Explore the underwater life of Fauna and Flora. Underwater photographers will have a good time with varied creatures. An amazing outdoor lunch and dining by the pool side with the relaxing cold breeze and calm waters. Enjoy a fun-filled vacation discovering the underwater world.

Port Vila Golf and Country Club
Located near the beach is Port Vila Golf and Country Club, another popular attraction with the visitors to Vanuatu who enjoy an active outting

Club Hipiqque

A varied choice of activities which involve food, places and fun activities such as sandy sports, experience nature and blend with the fabulous scenery. Meet people from all phases of life. Handicrafts and other rare products available for sale.

Rainbow Botanic Gardens

An excellent opportunity to understanding and appreciating nature, A chance to gain more knowledge in the Flora and Fauna. Experience and explore the wildness of thick forests. See a varied number of trees, fruits and flowers. A one-stop destination for students and environment experts.

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