Port Vila Town Info

Vanuatu Capital and South Pacific Holiday Paradise

Located in the South Pacific, the city of Port Vila is the capital, and largest city of Vanuatu. This incredible area has been home to Melanesian peoples for thousands of years and boasts an enormous amount of history, culture and heritage.

However, you'll also find fun, convenience and duty free shopping! While the principal economic focus of the city remains agriculture and fishing, tourism is rapidly on the rise. Port Vila is becoming a well-known destination for the discerning world traveler. It's becoming a true holiday paradise in South Pacific.

Town centre of Port Vila, Vanuatu, with ANZ and Westpac bank buildings
Port Vila town centre is home to shops, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and banks,
including ANZ, Westpac and the local Bank of Vanuatu.

Port Vila City

The city, itself, sprawls around a beautiful harbor, nestled in tropical trees. The area enjoys a tropical climate, so you'll never lack for warmth. The dry season in Vanuatu has cooler temperatures, while the warmer season brings the life giving rains to this verdant area. Port Vila grew up around native settlements, as well as French and British settlements, giving the area a distinct feel. You'll hear the native language, Bislama, spoken, though visitors will also hear French and English nearly as often.

A small side street in Port Vila, with a bus stop
A small side street in Port Vila, whereTang Dynasty Chinese Restaurant is located.

What can visitors to the Port Vila city find to do? An incredible panoply of attractions awaits visitors. Almost every attraction in the area revolves around the natural splendor of the islands.

Canoeing, deep-sea fishing, swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving and simply relaxing in the warm, tropical air are all great ways of experiencing this city. Additionally, visitors can enjoy a number of shopping and dining opportunities.

Local markets, street vendors, hospitable shopkeepers and artisans await, as do quaint cafes, coffee shops and restaurants. Dine on local favorites, or visit some of the waterfront restaurants for fresh seafood.

Bauerfield International Airport

Bauerfield International Airport is located in the heart of this tropical haven, giving area visitors enormous convenience, while the harbor is the focus of both commercial and recreational needs. Numerous tours through the city are available for newcomers, offering them a great way to enjoy the area, without wandering alone. However, the city is ideal for exploration. If you have the desire to explore on your own, you'll find only a few more hospitable cities in the world.

It is not uncommon for travelers to come to Port Vila from India or a number of other eastern countries. One factor that may be contributing to the increasing popularity of Port Vila tourism is the advent of online flight planning. The advancement of online technology has given way to unique services in which the traveler can plan a trip outside their country to an exotic location such as Port Vila and potentially save both money and time in the process. People are now planning more trips in less time and saving in the process.

Port Vila Restaurants

Port Vila is becoming known as the gourmet capital of the South Pacific. With its lively mix of different expatriate cultures, from French, Italian, Aussie and “Kiwi”, to Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Melanesian and Thai, as well as Mexican and Mediterranean, it offers a variety of restaurant choices.

There are over 40 cafes and restaurants in Port Vila, whether you want to sip cappuccino, grab an Aussie meat pie, or American hotdog, or perhaps enjoy a full sumptuous menu meals in one of the many restaurants scattered around the town. And if night entertainment is your likeness, with live shows, you will find a number of waterfront bars, to keep you going into the small hours.

University of South Pacific

Visitors will also find the University of South Pacific located in the city. This is the only branch to offer law classes and teaches language, as well. A number of resorts dot the area around the city, some located on the harbor, while others are situated in the lush jungle growth surrounding the city. A visit to Port Vila is an unforgettable experience.

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Port Vila Town Info
Port Vila Town Information
Bauerfiled International Airport
Bauerfiled International Airport
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