Resorts in Port Vila

There are many options on offer at resorts in Port Vila

The small nation of Vanuatu offers guests some of the loveliest and friendliest resort accommodations in the world. Residents of the islands are happy to meet travelers, and even the nation’s capital city of Port Vila is an excellent place for guests to explore and stay.

Resorts offer great facilities

In fact, some of the country’s finest hotels and resorts line the coast and lush hillsides of the island paradise. Many resorts in Port Vila are set in exclusive or private surroundings where guests will enjoy private beaches, large gardens and even private golf courses, lagoons and other facilities.

Port Vila is quickly becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world because of the excellent weather, friendly population and wide variety of high quality accommodations. One of the most commonly selected accommodations options for the thousands of annual visitors to the island and city are the many Port Vila resorts.

A Ni-Vanuatu man net fishing near Hideaway Island
Located close to Port Vila, Hideaway Island is home to Hideaway Island Resort,
one of the best known, as well as home to a number of popular tourist attractions.

Resorts Travel Packages

Most of these resorts offer a comprehensive holiday travel package, with meals, accommodations, transportation and activities all rolled into a single price. While there are very many Port Vila resorts located along the lovely, exotic shores of the island, there are also dozens of others that are a short walk up into the jungle-like hills surrounding the city. This gives travelers a wide range of environments to choose from, but all in the ideal setting of Port Vila itself.

Family friendly holiday packages

Hideaway Island Resort pool
Hideaway Island Resort offers good family holiday packages

Within each of the resorts are a huge variety of options and travel packages. Some resorts in Port Vila boast of their family friendly arrangements and activities, while other advertise that they are a “children free” area intended strictly for adult couples.

Some will offer their guests individual bungalows, with kitchenettes, and exclusive beachside locations, while others give visitors a much more budget conscious range of options, including single rooms with direct access to the Port Vila streets.

Resort activities

Resorts in Port Vila are an excellent choice for anyone looking to enjoy outdoor activities and recreation, a unique and diverse atmosphere full of friendly and welcoming residents, and a gorgeous tropical environment. The many holiday accommodation providers in and around the city are certain to have the perfect vacation package for any traveler’s needs and budget.

Erakor Island Resort ferry pick up point, at dusk
Erakor Island ferry pick up point, where you can catch a ferry to Erakor Island Resort,
one of best known
 Port Vila resorts, providing free ferry ride to its visitors and guests.

Because of the increasing amount of visitation to Port Vila resorts and lodgings, the best method of locating a travel package for the popular location is to make arrangements through online bookings, where an entire vacation can be planned with a few clicks of a mouse.

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