List of Shopping Destinations in Port Vila

Where to do your shopping in Port Vila

Port Vila is the tranquil capital of the Vanuatu Archipelago, which consists of over 80 islands in the Oceania region of the south Pacific. Located in a picturesque natural harbor on Efate Island, Port Vila is surrounded by stunning vistas of the Ifira and Iririki islands. This lovely holiday destination is an unspoiled location with turquoise waters full of colorful coral and teeming with fish.

Shopper's Paradise

Port Vila is a fabulous cruise ship stop, with gourmet class restaurants reflecting the rich cultural potpourri of English, French, Melanesian and Chinese influences. Since its establishment as a tax haven in the 70s, Port Vila has become a veritable shopper's paradise, with many duty free and well-priced shops and markets. A visit to this archipelago is not complete without taking home the countless offerings of souvenirs, artworks and more shopping locations.

Paris Shopping Duty Free store in Port Vila
Port Vila has been long known for being a duty-free shopping paradise, in particular
for Australian and New Zealand visitors, just a couple of hours flight away.

Shopping opportunities in Port Vila begin right from the main pier as you go along the road into town. There are countless souvenir shops and stands, with a huge collection of products from all around the archipelago. Shopping in Port Vila is very easy. As is common with most small tropical islands, everything in Vila is located on the main street and the smaller streets around it. The town is clean and serene, and with the fabulous weather, walking around is enjoyable.

Port Vila Markets

A souvenir shop in Port Vila's main street
Souvenir shops in Port Vila also offer locally handmade products and souvenirs.
These are mainly open air markets located along the main street. There are lots of different products here including:
  • Fresh fruits, flowers and vegetables 
  • Crabs, fish, and local pastries 
  • Souvenirs including local art and carvings 
  • Clothing such as scarves, hats, sarongs and wraps 
  • Jewellery including necklaces and earrings 

Duty free shops

All along the main street are many duty free shops selling many brands of cigarettes, liquor and spirits. Fung kuei at the end of the main street is a place to shop for the lowest prices on the island. The best of Vanuatu crafts can be found in this islands which have women cooperatives that make genuine local crafts from locally sourced materials. These are the best souvenirs to buy in Port Villa.

World of Wonders

Check the World of Wonders shop on the Lini Highway for the following:

  » Hand woven bags from Pentecost, woven from the Pandanus leaf in many decorative colors and styles.

  » String and woven rope baskets, gift boxes and flat baskets from North Ambae.

  » Nantangora carvings from this local tree which include necklaces and whole seed carvings mounted on pine wood.

Tam Tams

These are carvings that are symbolic of Vanuatu culture and tradition. This is the number one souvenir from the islands. Beautiful children dresses made from cotton with lovely designs of fish, turtles, frangipani and dolphins.

Souvenir shops at Port Vila markets
Port Vila markets abound with a variety of locally made products, including handmade
wooden carvings and souvenirs that are popular with visitors to these islands.

Locally made foods

There are several uniquely Vanuatu foods you can take home. Available in most stores, these include:

  • Green powdered Kava: This herb is a natural relaxant and nutritional supplement. 
  • Coconut Jam: This locally made jam is a great spread for breakfast toast or on desserts. 
  • Nangai Oil: This is also known as Java Almond Oil and has a lovely nutty taste. 
  • Tamanu Oil: Extracted from tree seeds, it provides a variety of health benefits. 
  • Roasted Nagae Nut: Of Canarium indicum variety, also used in cookies. 
  • Nui dark chocolate: Made from wild harvested raw cocoa beans, rolled in organic sugar. 

Shopping in Port Vila is a great experience in authentic tropical Pacific culture. There are several cruise ships that dock on this island. Remember to apply for visa if you plan to use the American cruise lines out of the Pacific Coast.

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