Top Things to Do in Port Vila
on Holiday With Your Kids

Where to have family fun in Port Vila

Nothing comes better than a tropical holiday that provides relaxation for elder and younger people in the family. Unlike the surrounding tiny islands and villages in the nation of Vanuatu, Port Vila is a vibrant holiday destination that’s enriched with hotels and restaurants that provides an ideal tourist attraction for these parts.

As the capital, it is the commercial centre for the country and is the hub for investment to attract visitors from all over, making it the perfect destination for children and parents. Here are some tips for things to do as a family during your stay.

Family holiday beach fun
Port Vila offers a variety of choices when it comes to enjoying your family holiday
and things to do with children on the beach or elsewhere in the town's attractions.

Ekasup Village

For a traditional education on the cultural history of Vanuatu, Ekasup Village tours allow the opportunity for both children and elders to learn about how the ancestors of Vanuatu experienced life in previous centuries and even experience it for yourself. On visiting, villagers and chiefs provide a warm welcome to visitors and you’ll be able to engage in various activities that highlight how life used to be. You can prepare native foods such as medicine and try creating weaving mats and hats for an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Wet N Wild Adventure Park

Kids having fun on zip line
Many resorts in Port Vila provide holiday fun activities for families with children.

The only adventure park in Vanuatu, it’s likely your children will be pleading to go and enjoy Wet N Wild adventure park. It hosts an array of activities for the whole family to enjoy. It includes giant slippery water slides, Segways, go-kart racing and more.

There’s also an on-site cafe for when all the energy is used up from engaging in the activities, providing food and drink options for everyone. You can also purchase merchandise and towels in the cafe.

Port Vila Markets

Take a bite into the fresh local produce with the Port Vila markets that sell fresh fruit and vegetables which have been sourced locally. They’re open 6 days a week, 24 hours a day and hosted by local women from the villages around the islands.

Depending on the time you go there is a range of products and foods to choose from to get a tasting for. There are on-site food stalls to get a bite to eat once you’ve worked up an appetite from walking around.

Havannah Beach and Boat Club

For a unique experience, there’s the chance to visit Havannah Beach and Boat Club who provide beachside camping facilities for a luxury and cosy stay. During your time there you’ll be able to make the most of BBQ areas, try a bit of snorkelling or even take a boat out to the shores and do a bit of exploring. There’s hire gear to use when you first get there and you can even purchase souvenirs to take back memorabilia from your stay.

Rather than going for the typical holiday idea like renting an Algarve villa in Portugal or a Chateau in France for your family destination, why not explore Vanuatu and embrace a different type of holiday destination that is sure to be one to remember for the family.

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