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In order to provide you with more information on Worawia Resort and Port Vila holiday attractions and updates, we continue to add new pages to this site, including guest posts. This index of new pages will help you quickly locate and click through to the recently added pages of interest to you. The most recent new pages and guest posts can be found at the bottom of our home page.


Restaurants in Port Vila

Five Restaurants in Port Vila

When you are looking for a serene holiday in a tropical island destination, consider a getaway to Port Vila, the capital city of Vanuatu. In addition to a plethora of holiday activities, tours and attractions, Port Vila also offers a great variety of restaurants. We have chosen five that will tickle your taste buds.

ATV Adventure

ATV Adventure on Vanuatu Tours

The popular all-terrain vehicles, also known as quads or buggies, are now available in Vanuatu for holiday ATV adventure rides. Explore Port Vila's beautiful coastline, ride on jungle treks, or hope over to mountain tops to enjoy great views of Mele bay and Hideaway island. Book your Vanuatu tours with ATV rides here.

Efate Outer Resorts

Efate Island Outer Resorts

Port Vila town is a small city compared to other cities outside of Vanuatu. But it's still a bustling city that appeals to those who like it so on their holiday. However, other travellers like a more serene sourrounds. This is what resorts on the outer parts of Efate island offer, where you have a more peaceful holiday.

Bungalows Gallery

Bungalows Gallery

The picture galleries were created to give you more insight into bungalow resorts, Port Vila town and Vanuatu islands in general. We are now updating these galleries with some new photos, to give you a broader range of images. All these photos were taken privately, so you will get an authentic feel of the place.

Backpacking on Efate

Backpacking on Efate Island

Hiking and backpacking your way across Vanuatu islands is one of the best ways to learn about this tropical paradise and friendly Melanesian people. Of course, there are many islands, so it's best to start from the main, Efate island. We give you a list of good backpacker accommodation places on Efate.

Efate Island Resorts

Efate Island Resorts

The island of Efate offers many resorts, hotels, bungalows and villas. Many of those are located in Port Vila city. But if you prefer more peace and quiet, while still being relatively close to Port Vila, you will find many resort options on the island. We give you a few suggestions, on different parts of the island.

About Vanuatu Islands

About Vanuatu Islands

Located in the South Pacific region, this tropical island archipelago provides numerous unique holiday experiences and sightseeing options. Visit these islands to experience welcoming Melanesian people and their culture. It's an ideal escape from the daily grind, to enjoy an opportunity to be close to nature.

Accommodation Options

Accommodation Options

When it comes to Port Vila holiday accommodation, you will find many different options available. There are traditional bungalow places, as well as modern bungalows. Resorts are popular with families and all inclusive packages. But there are also bed & breakfast options, motels, hotels, villas and more.

Port Vila Activities

Port Vila Activities

The town of Port Vila will surprise you with with its vast array of holiday activities and attractions that await you in this town and around Efate island. You will find that each resort in Port Vila offers a variety of options to occupy and entertain yourself while holidaying in Port Vila.

Things to Do With Children in Port Vila

Things to Do in Port Vila with Children

A tropical holiday that provides a great relaxation for the whole family is an ideal solution for your family holiday in Port Vila. Vanuatu's capital offers many hotels and resorts that cater for families, including some of the attractions that are fun to visit and spend a whole day with your children.

Top 5 Attractions in Port Vila

Top 5 Attractions in Port Vila

Tourist destination such as Port Vila provides numerous holiday attractions. There are many sightseeing spots, annual events and festivals, Port Vila markets, tours, and other activity choices. All these attractions can be found in and around the town, and the wider area of Efate island.

Places for Couples

Accommodation for Couples in Port Vila

Vanuatu's capital Port Vila town offers a variety of holiday accommodation choices for families, singles and couples. If you are a couple going to Vanuatu on your honeymoon, or to renew your wedding vows, you will find some top spots in Port Vila for the romantically inclined.

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