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The articles noted below were added to this site and published during the years of 2017 and 2018. Learn more about holidays in Port Vila, holiday packages, things to do, and places to stay in and around Port Vila.


Vanuatu Naghol

Vanuatu Naghol Ceremony

One of Vanuatu's best known holiday attractions is land diving or, as it's known locally, Naghol. This ancient ceremony is held annually on the mysterious Pentecost island in April and May to ensure a good yam harvest. It's a must-see attraction for adventurous traveller, looking for a unique holiday experience.

Reasons to Visit Vanuatu

Seven Reasons to Visit Vanuatu

The natural beauty of Vanuatu combined with welcoming Melanesian people makes this tropical paradise a great holiday destination in the South Pacific. We list seven top reasons why you should visit Vanuatu and experience its Melanesian culture through its tours, celebrations and annual festivals.

Prepare Healthy Meals

Prepare Healthy Meals in Port Vila

There is a great variety of restaurants in Port Vila. But one of Port Vila and Vanuatu attractions are its beaches, parks and other scenic outdoor sites. To add a variety to your holiday experience in Port Vila, organize a family picnic or an outing for two, be it on one of Port Vila beaches or green parks.

Port Vila Tours

Amazing Tours in Port Vila

Vanuatu capital is a charming mix of cultures, where you can explore a variety of Melanesian, European and Asian tastes. One of the best ways to explore the beauty, sights and culture in Port Vila is via its many amazing tours and day and night cruises in Port Vila harbour and around nearby small islands.

Beautiful Accommodations

Beautiful Accommodations in Port Vila

As an international gateway to Vanuatu, Port Vila town offers a mix of French atmosphere, rambling streets and cafĂ© scene. It also provides a lot of great holiday places to stay, from houses and apartments, to resorts and hotels. All combined with extra holiday activities and facilities.

Port Vila Packages

Port Vila Holiday Packages

There are many choices and options available when you're looking for all-inclusive or accommodation-only holiday packages in Port Vila, or Vanuatu in general. We give you some guidance and advice on what to look for when selecting your desired Port Vila holiday package.

Places to Stay

Top 5 Places to Stay in Vanuatu

When looking at where to stay in Vanuatu, you will find that Port Vila offers you the best choice of holiday accommodation places to stay, including resorts and hotels. Port Vila town is located on the main, Efate island, home to numerous hotels, resorts and bungalow places.

Casinos in Australia

Top Casinos in Australia

Some of the most common visitors to Port Vila and Vanuatu are Australians, being only a few hours flying time from Port Vila. If you have a couple of days to spare on your stay in Port Vila, why not "return the favour" and hop over to Australia. You will find some of the best casino entertainment in Sydney.

Vanuatu Car Rental

Car Rental in Vanuatu

In order to explore Vanuatu countryside and see the beauty of the islands, best thing to do is to rent a car in Port Vila. You must also familiarize yourself with Vanuatu road rules. Here's what you need to know about car rental in Port Vil and other Vanuatu places.

Things to Do on Efate Island

Things to Do Around Efate Island

Port Vila is gateway to Vanuatu, with plenty on offer in terms of sightseeing, dining, shopping and nightlife. But if you want to truly experience Vanuatu, go outside of Port Vila and spend your time on various activities and attractions located around the island of Efate.

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