Backpacking in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a true hiking and backpackers paradise

The popular televisions series “Survivor” spent an entire season in the lovely country of Vanuatu in 2004. The excellent weather conditions, beautiful landscape and scenery, and the peaceful and remote locations were ideal for their purpose. Of course the footage taken there has inspired thousands of people to visit the country, and in particular the beautiful countryside where the program took place.

Hiking and backpacking

For many people a holiday must include a great deal of hiking and backpacking, and in Vanuatu this is possible as well. There are many accommodations available for those who would like to spend their time in Vanuatu backpacking, hiking and traveling through the mountains and shores of this remarkable place.

Explore Vanuatu islands by hiking and backpacking
Vanuatu islands are perfect for backpacking and hiking, to explore this tropical destination,
with many hostles, lodges, motels and bungalow places catering for backpacker groups.

There are a tremendous range of hostels, lodges, cabins, campgrounds and bungalows available at budget rates for those who need only to have access to a bathroom and shower facility as well as a tent site. There are also many guest houses intended to offer shelter and accommodate the many Vanuatu backpackers that are now coming to enjoy the country.

Many of the camp sites and campgrounds are set directly on beaches or in extremely scenic and well located areas. Most will offer basic facilities and allow for many nights of accommodation, or to use the sight as a base camp.

Popular backpacking destinations

It is important to do a bit of research before trekking off into the interior of Vanuatu, as many villages request visitors ask the village elder for permission to visit, and some of the most scenic places are located at distances that require quite extensive hikes. Popular destinations include the Mele Maat Cascades, Erakor Lagoon, Worawia and Hideaway Cove beaches.

Vanuatu backpackers should also remember that there are really no dining establishments or grocery stores located with any sort of regularity outside of the city of Port Vila. For this reason it is a good idea to stock up on simple necessities prior to leaving for the more remote areas of the countryside. Many backpackers in Vanuatu do not remain only on the island of Efate, but for supply purposes this is the best choice.

Experienced and amateur backpackers will enjoy a great deal of success on their Vanuatu adventures with a little advanced planning. The islands are noted for their beauty and the remarkable friendliness of the residents who live there. Quite often visitors to more remote areas are welcomed into town events or invited to join a family for a traditional meal.

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