Top casinos to visit when travelling in Australia

Casinos in Australia offer best entertainment in the South Pacific

Your holiday exploration of the great South Pacific can start in Vanuatu. But it won't be complete without getting a taste of Australia. Just a couple of hours flight from Port Vila will get you to Brisbane and another hour all the way to Sydney.

Most people who visit Australia find that they love the place, and why not, there is so much to enjoy there. Australia is a land with a huge amount of diversity. While most of the population lives around its edge, there are also amazing mountain ranges, huge forests and of course the desert.

If you are a cricket fan, you will find that many Australians love the sport, including rugby and football. One thing that Australians are good at as well as cricket is gambling, especially now online casino sites are on the rise.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, in Australia
Opened in 1932 and affectinately known as 'Coathanger' for its design, Sydney Harbour Bridge
is one of must-see attractions in Australia, located a short distance from the Star Casino.

Sydney Star Casino

Although the number of casinos in Australia is surprisingly small, there are just 13 of them, but there are some excellent ones that are well worth visiting, and many of them have their own individual character. Sydney is one of Australia’s top destinations and is probably the liveliest city in the country. The Star Sydney Casino is an essential stop on your itinerary. It is the second largest casino in Australia and is particularly spectacular. There are direct flights from Port Vila to Sydney with Qantas and Air Vanuatu.

Melbourne Crown Casino

Melbourne is a very different kind of city. It is considered to be a centre for arts and it also has a big gambling culture. The most important horse race in the southern hemisphere is held there and it is also the location of the country’s largest casino, the Crown Casino. By any standards this casino is grand, there are 500 or so gaming tables and over 2,500 slot machines.

Other Casinos in Australia

Sub-tropical Brisbane is again a very different kind of city and has a very different kind of casino. The casino is called the Treasury and it was built in an old government building that was once the city’s treasury.

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and the closest of Australian capitals to Port Vila. In just 2 and a half hours flying you can be in Brisbane from Port Vila.

While Brisbane is currently enjoying a booming economy, so is Perth. Perth is considered to be the most optimistic city in the country and certainly its casino which is also a Crown is the most beautiful.

Get your taste of South Pacific holiday in Vanuatu and Port Vila, where you can also enjoy casino entertainment. But to end it on a high note, hop over to Australia for even greater range of holiday entertainment.