What you need to know about Vanuatu, Melanesian people and culture

Vanuatu islands archipelago is spread out like a string of emeralds against the azure backdrop of the South Pacific. The South Pacific is famed for crystalline waters, tropical islands and incredible sea life. Vanuatu offers you the best way to enjoy this spectacular beauty.

One of the main streets in Port Vila
Port Vila town is the capital city of Vanuatu country, whose population are mainly Melanesian
people, although there are many expats from nearby countries who also live in Port Vila.

Port Vila town

You are most likely to begin your Vanuatu holiday in Port Vila town. This is the capital city as well as the location of the airport - Bauerfield Internaional Airport. Port Vila is the gateway to Vanuatu.

Regardless of where you stay in Port Vila, it is important to make the reservation ahead of time. The further ahead that you plan, the more likely you are to have an enjoyable and stress free stay in the area.

That said, there are a number of travel websites out there that allow you to find a place to stay in Port Vila with little to no difficulties. There’s simply no reason to waste hours of your time running from hotel to hotel at the last minute, when you can book the perfect room in just a few moments online.

Vanuatu Articles

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  • About Vanuatu Islands - Only a short flying distance from Australia and New Zealand, Vanuatu offers a perfect blend of South Pacific charm, with Melanesian culture and hospitaly of Melanesian people.
  • Backpacking in Vanuatu - When it comes to hiking and backpacking holidays, you want your destination to be scenic, weather to be good, and people to be friendly. You'll find all that and more if you choose to backpack your way in Vanuatu.
  • Casinos in Australia - If you have a couple of days to spare on your stay in Port Vila, why not "return the favour" and hop over to Australia. You will find some of the best casino entertainment in Sydney, Melbourne and other cities. 
  • Kava Kava Root - If you know anything about South Pacific culture, you would be familiar with the name of kava root. Used for thousands of years, this popular root drink has many uses in the local customs. It is also very popular in Vanuatu. 
  • Kava Tasting - One of the most popular local customs in Vanuatu is that of kava tasting. This root-based drink offers you a relaxed, numbing feeling, even though it's not an alcoholic drink.  
  • Melanesian Culture - When you visit Vanuatu you also get an opportunity to experience the history and culture of the local Melanesian people. This includes visiting local villages and historical sites.
  • Melanesian Feast Night - You Vanuatu holiday experience won't be complete without attending at least once Melanesian Feast Night. Combining local customs, music, dancing, food and kava kava drink, this is a unique outting, popular with Vanuatu visitors.
  • Melanesian People - Vanuatu belongs to the Pacific Island area, which is mostly inhabited by Melanesian people. But the islanders cultural values have also been influenced by European peoples due to settlement.  
  • Prepare Healthy Meals - Port Vila's and Vanuatu's great outdoor areas are a true magnet for picnics and family outings. For a complete outdoor experience, why not prepare your own healthy meals, using the great variety of fresh food available in Port Vila markets. 
  • Reasons to Visit Vanuatu - Welcoming Melanesian people make Vanuatu one of the most desirable holiday destinations. But there's much more to this tropical island paradise. We give you seven reasons why you should visit Vanuatu for your next holiday and travel experience. 
  • Resorts in Vanuatu - Nothing can spoil your holiday like staying in a place that's less than you hoped for. Your holiday accommodation should be more than just a good bed. Choose your resort accommodation in Vanuatu with well-reputed resorts. 
  • Vacation in Vanuatu - Port Vila offers some of the best Vanuatu resorts. But you will also find good private vacation homes available for rental and lease. They all offer good accommodation and traditional Melanesian hospitality. 
  • Vanuatu Land Dive - It's one of Vanuatu's most recognized features - the Nagol or Land Dive ceremony. Held annually to ensure a rich yam harvest, this is a unique ceremony that can be seen on Pentecost island only.