Melanesian Culture

Exploring Melanesian Culture in Vanuatu

Part of the enjoyment of a vacation to Port Vila is the opportunity to immerse yourself in Melanesian culture. Speckled with a variety of beaches, resorts, villages, and historical sites, much of Vanuatu presents an opportunity for tourists to explore the history and culture of the Melanesian people.

Ekasup Village

Melanesian dancers
Melanesian women performing traditional dance at Melanesian feast night for Vanuatu visitors.

Located not far from Port Vila, one of the best ways to enjoy Melanesian culture is to visit the Ekasup Village. The largest village in Vanuatu, Ekasup Village is only available through guided tours.

However, once you are in the village, you can watch how the people cook traditional meals, earn a traditional living through their fishing, partake in traditional ceremonies, or a number of other cultural experiences that you would not be able to find in modernized areas like Port Vila.

The villagers at Ekasup Village are very friendly, offering what they have to their visitors and opening up their lives to broaden and enrich the lives of others.

Port Vila Markets

Another way to immerse yourself in Melanesian culture is to explore the market place. The Port Vila Markets is full of cultural traditions and oddities. Whether you want to buy a traditional piece of clothing, jewelry, or art before you go, you will have the opportunity to do so. More importantly, much of what you buy will be purchased at ridiculously low prices.

In addition to trinkets and jewelry, the Port Vila Markets also offers a number of food vendors serving traditional Melanesian items, like meat pies, kabobs, and much more. If you are interested in try new foods while on your vacation, the market is the perfect place to do so.

Handmade crafts at Port Vila markets
One of the best ways to truly experience Melanesian culture, apart from local tours, is to go to
Port Vila markets in the town, where you can view and purchase various local handcrafts.

Island Tours

Island tours are another way to appreciate Melanesian culture. Guided by a local on a bus or by car, you can hear about the history and the traditions of the Melanesian people while enjoying a breathtaking view of the island. When divided among a group of people, this tour is a very affordable way to see as much of the island as possible during one day. Many tours also include a meal and morning and afternoon tea for you to enjoy while you are out of Port Villa and away from your bungalow.

Many people are surprised at how relaxed the Melanesian people are and how easygoing everything about the culture is. It is easy to find yourself equally relaxed and enjoying everything about your experienced while on Vanuatu Island.

One of the secrets of Melanesian culture easygoing nature is "kava tasting" kastom - see our next article.

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