Melanesian Feast Night

Experience local cuisine and hospitality

For an authentic tropical island experience, make sure you attend our Melanesian Feast Night. It was previously known as Solo's Feast 'n' Fun Night, held twice a week at Worawia resort.

These days Melanesian Feast is being held at Secret Garden, which was previously known as Botanical Gardens. It's only a short walking distance from Worawia resort, in Mele Village.

Performers at Melanesian Feast Night
Story telling and various performances are all part of the event-filled Melanesian Feast Night,
to learn about the local culture, taste kava kava drink and enjoy locally-prepared feast.

This is a fun-filled evening, which includes kava tasting, ‘earth-oven’ cooked buffet-style feast, a brief introduction to local history and customs, local colourful dancers, and musical string band.

Be sure to attend the Feast Night at least once and you’ll see why guests from other Port Vila resorts come to these nights.

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