How to Prepare Healthy Meals
While You are Outing with a Family in Port Vila?

What you need to prepare a healthy meal on holidays

As the capital and largest city in Vanuatu, Port Vila has many outdoor sites where you can enjoy your holiday while traveling alone or with family. Its tropical climate, great beaches and outdoor places are ideal for a family fun time on your holiday in Port Vila. One of the first questions most people would ask is where to eat while enjoying great outdoors. An obvious answer is to go about preparing your own healthy meals at home, to take with you and enjoy your picnic at the beach, park or some other wonderful site.

This is made easy in Port Vila, where you can visit Port Vila market, where fresh food is readily available in large varieties. Some of the fresh fruit, vegies and meats that you can find on markets in Port Vila include: yams, taro, bananas, sugarcane, tropical nuts, greens, port, poultry, seafood, sweet potatoes, mangoes, beans, rice, pumpkins and so on. Everything you need to prepare healthy meals can be found here.

Prepare healthy meal for your family beach outing
Going on a picnic or to the beach in Port Vila is an ideal opportunity to prepare a healthy meal for your family outing

Fish dishes

As an island country, there's plenty of fish available in Vanuatu, mostly fresh caught.

» In fish dishes, the common varieties of fish are used, such as in raw fish salad.

» This is prepared to one’s preference and vegetables, with slightly cooked fish slices or chunks added to it. It’s as versatile as it can be. Eat it as a salad or use for sandwiches, which is perfect for your family's beach outing. Garnish with lime juice and coconut milk for better taste and improved flavour.

Lap lap

Laplap is Vanuatu's national dish, which is a root vegetable cake, wrapped in large banana leaves.

» Lap lap is a filling meal, prepared with yam and taro roots.

» Grind yam or taro roots into a paste.

» Place the mixture on spinach and then leave it to soak in coconut milk

» Slice pieces of pork, chicken or fish on them and heat the complete mixture on a grill or oven. Then pack well and you can all enjoy the meal later on.


» This is one of the tastiest meals you can prepare when going out and it is basically steamed yams and grilled or baked meat it can also be enjoyed with tinned fish.

» The secret to making this is to pay attention to detail and accurately use spices of your choice to flavor and color the meal.

Desserts in the Port Vilan cuisines

» Quick cook cabbage with coconut milk and in this the cabbages are steamed then soaked in coconut milk.

» Another is the Allot. It’s a vegetable dish made from boiled or roasted taro roots, banana or bread fruit mixed in coconut milk.

» Bananas and other tropical fruits are often served with caramel and whipped cream as a dessert and can be frozen at home to be enjoyed later in place of commercially made ice creams.

Drink bottled water in Port Vila
Unless you are a local, it's best to drink bottled water while holidaying in Port Vila, to avoid potential health hazzards

Water in Port Vila

It is important to note that even if Port Vila area has clean water to drink, there are places where water is not safe to drink. Therefore prepare homemade fruit juices or while outdoor drink bottled water and avoid ice cubes and other raw foods from street vendor as it could cause you some serious diarrhea.

If you are a tourist or a resident ensure you carry your European Health Card (EHIC) all the time and since some areas are not covered by this card have a Comprehensive Medical Cover Insurance in Spain in case a medical problem arises. Otherwise enjoy your outings in Port Vila while out with your family.

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