7 Reasons Why You Should Visit Vanuatu

What makes Vanuatu an amazing travel experience

Vanuatu is a group of Island in South Pacific Ocean; it was formed as a result of volcanic action. The beauty combined with friendly and welcoming Melanesian people makes Vanuatu perfectly meet the definition of a paradise. Touring Vanuatu will definitely make you have an awesome retreat from your tiring and routine life.

There are very many reasons why you should visit Vanuatu, most of which will leave you with an amazing touring experience. These are top 7 reasons why you should visit Vanuatu.

Vanuatu male dancers group
Culture and rituals are very important to Melanesian people and prominently feature in
what Vanuatu offers to its visitors - local male dancers perform for the guests.

Cultural Celebrations and Festivals

Vanuatu calendar is full of colorful cultural events and celebrations. The people of Vanuatu have conserved their ancient culture and still practice cultural rituals. To get a chance to view and take part in some of the rarest cultural rituals in the world, one should plan the visit with the aid of Vanuatu calendar of events.

Most popular cultural celebrations and events in Vanuatu include; Pentecost Land Dive, Toka Dance and Rom Dance.

Annual Music Events

Apart from cultural celebrations and festivals, people of Vanuatu have set aside special days to just play music and dance. The annual event comprises of a five day and night music celebrations.

The annual music celebrations are divided into three major events; Fest Nalenga, Fest Napuan and Zion Fest which are held on September. The three events play different genres of music and attract thousands of music lovers all over the world.

Land Features and Beautiful Nature

The other best reason why you should plan to tour Vanuatu is its beautiful surrounding and serene environment. Apart from archipelago Islands, you will get a chance to see active volcanoes in Mount Yasur and the formation of associated volcanic features.

Other attractive land features in Vanuatu include Mount Tabwemasana, waterfalls and a variety of rare species of flora and fauna.

Cascades waterfall in Vanuatu
One of the best known holiday attractions in Vanuatu is Cascades waterfall,
located just outside of Port Vila, near Mele village, popular with families.

Bungee Jumping

Have your adrenaline rush by taking part in Bungee jumping at Pentecost Island. Diving off the main land while your feet are tied on an elastic cord will make you feel out of this world. The height of the main land where one dives from rises to 30 meters.

Lively Night Life

There are a number of upcoming socializing and entertainment joints that will definitely give the night a new meaning. If you like partying and socializing, then Vanuatu is a perfect touring destination for you. The best way to enjoy a night out in Vanuatu is by meeting new friends in the local joints or by having a drink with your friends.

Scuba Diving

Visit Vanuatu and learn how to scuba dive and get certificate to scuba dive. If you already know how to scuba dive, then you should explore the marine life and enjoy the warm water scuba diving. The best part of scuba diving is diving in Tangoa wall and having a view of underwater active volcano.

Young newly wed couple
Vanuatu is very popular with honeymooners and a great destination for weddings,
with local resorts offering honeymoon and wedding packages and honeymoon bungalows.

Weddings and Honeymoon

Vanuatu is a perfect destination for lover birds that want to tie the knot in a unique way or want to spend their honeymoon. There are a variety of destinations in Vanuatu that will definitely spice up your love life.

If you are newly married or planning a wedding, then Vanuatu is the perfect place to retreat. If you are already married, you can treat your special someone by touring Vanuatu.

Indeed Vanuatu is a small heaven on earth; you will get a new definition of a paradise once you visit Vanuatu. A holiday spent in Vanuatu will definitely make you have a perfect time of your life.

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