Epi Island

One of the most peaceful Vanuatu islands, with beautiful white sand beaches and coves, some black (volcanic) sand beaches and many reefs. Epi island also has two volcanoes, Mt Nitaia and Cape Kone, both part of the collapsed Kuwai volcano. Both of the volcanoes are occasionally active, steaming or bubbling up from time to time. Traditionally Vanuatu people believe that magic works best near active volcanoes, where islanders often make magic and invoke ancestral spirits.

As all other volcanic islands in Vanuatu archipelago, Epi also bears marks of volcano activity, one of which are lush tropical forests and rich underwater life in its several small lakes. The coastal land in particular is fertile, populated with coconut plantations.

There are two airstrips on the island – Valesdir to the south and Lamen Bay to the north.

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