Ni-Vanuatu inspired holiday resort design

Although Worawia resort is currently unavailable for bookings, we provide you with this information about the resort, based on its earlier look and availability. The resort is on currently on the market, being offered for sale by its owners. This web site has been an authorized reseller for Worawia. These pages are purely for information purposes only.

Worawia Resort Mele bungalows Worawia Resort Mele

Worawia offers 3-bedroom Family bungalow, two regular Bungalows, one Couples bungalow, and Lodge bungalow with 4 rooms. Available to couples, singles, families and group bookings. Facilities include swimming pool, swim-up pool bar, and barbecue fare. Some nearby attractions include Beach Bar & Grill, Mele Village, Cascade Waterfalls, Secret Gardens, Tara Beach, and Port Vila Golf & Country Club - more Worawia info. Worawia bookings are currently unavailable.

 "...Thank you very much for the wonderful holiday! We enjoyed our stay at Worawia very much!..."
bungalow interior
Inside Worawia bungalow
Barbecue fare
View from bbq fare
swim-up pool bar
Swim-up poolbar
barbecue fare
Barbecue fare seating
Worawia staff resort construction
dorm kitchen feast night string band
feast night performers Worawia resort

Worawia resort in Mele Village

Worawia is a 3-star Vanuatu resort - a true South Pacific island holiday haven, with self-contained bungalows and deluxe dormitory accommodation, swimming pool, swim-up pool bar, small convenience store and barbecue facilities by the pool. It is situated in Mele Village.

The resort also used to host authentic Melanesian Feast Night every Tuesday, which was attended by guests from other Vanuatu resorts. However, the feast night is now held at Secret Garden (previously known as Botanical Gardens), just down the road from Worawia. Secret Garden also features Vanuatu flora and fauna, including information and displays about Vanuatu history and its culture.

Worawia resort is situated next door to 18-hole golf course, near beach and ocean front, not far from Hideaway Cove, in Mele village. The golf course is Port Vila Golf & Country Club, where the annual Vanuatu Open is held.

Worawia Holiday Haven is one of the very few Ni-Vanuatu (traditionally) inspired and built ventures in the 80-plus islands of what is called Vanuatu. The Resort is now operated by a professional manager, with local Vanuatu staff, in accordance with good international standards. Worawia is a 3-star family resort, popular with families, couples, single visitors, as well as various group bookings.

Worawia resort name change

Worawia budget holiday resort is now a reality after many years of hard work by local chief and his family, never losing their vision and with the assistance and support of overseas patrons. The name 'Worawia' comes from the local language, meaning 'Good Harbour'. As of late 2007, the resort changed its name and is now known as Worawia Resort Mele.

Family accommodation

At Worawia, we prefer to have a small, intimate resort where the waits are a little shorter, the service is a little more personal, and the chance of being treated like family (rather than customers) is a little more likely.

Worawia bungalows
Worawia resort swimming pool and three of the bungalows

So we have only one family bungalow, one couples bungalow, two regular bungalows and lodge bungalow. This allows us a maximum of 32 guests at any one time. (So get your Worawia reservations in early.)

More details about Worawia resort accommodation on the next page.

We are proud to be your hosts and wish you a pleasant and enjoyable stay in GOOD HARBOUR - WORAWIA.

Worawia information pages

More information about Worawia Resort Mele on the following pages:

  • Worawia Resort - Originally developed in 1998 and opened for business in 1999, Worawia resort was refurbished in 2009. The resort features self-contained bungalows and dormitory rooms accommodation. 
  • Resort Facilities - In addition to our spacious bungalows and dorm rooms, we offer additional facilities for our guests' comfort. These include swimming pool, swim-up pool bar, barbecue hut, small convenience store, and free airport transfers. 
  • Resort Activities - Everyone's different, so we try to cater for as many different needs as we can to keep our guests and visitors entertained and occupied, if that's what they desire. Some people like a lazy holiday. But for those who don't, there's plenty to see and do. 
  • Social Activities - Worawia used to host Melanesian Feast Nights. These are now held at nearby Secret Garden (Botanical Gardens), just down the road. Port Vila offers variety of bars, restaurants and cafes to cater for all tastes. 
  • Worawia Rates - Known as a family resort, Worawia offers comfortable bungalows accommodation and peaceful atmosphere, at affordable rates. This includes our ongoing specials for our guests who stay 7 days or longer. 
  • Guestbook - Our guests are often enchanted by our service and facilities, and are happy to comment on their Vanuatu holiday at Worawia. Read some of their comments on our Guests Testimonials page. 

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