Port Vila Holidays and Resorts

As the capital of Vanuatu, Port Vila is the gateway to this country, no matter where you go to any of Vanuatu islands. The town is located on Efate island, where you will find most of what Vanuatu offers.

You will find here information on various accommodation places, mostly in Port Vila, but also on other islands of Vanuatu. There are hotels, resorts, lodges and bungalows, all available for holiday accommodation. You can also find what activities are popular in Port Vila and Vanuatu islands, including some of the popular attractions on these tropical islands in the South Pacific.

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Water Activities in Vanuatu

Water Activities in Vanuatu

When you travel to island destination like Vanuatu, it's expected that water activities will be a significant part of your holiday in this country. We've selected some of the water based activities you will find in Port Vila.

Destinations Like Vanuatu

Island Destinations Like Vanuatu

Vanuatu islands have become ever more popular with visitors, as more and more tourists discover this tropical destinations. But there are other island destinations that attract tourists around the world.


Best Cuisines in Port Vila

There is a variety of local and international cuisines in Port Vila


Fun Things to Do in Vanuatu

Port Vila and Vanuatu offer a wide range of activities and things to do


Major Islands of Vanuatu

Get more information on six of the major islands of Vanuatu archipelago


Restaurants in Port Vila

Sample a variety of international cuisine in Port Vila restaurants


ATV Adventure Tours

Explore Vanuatu coast and jungle with all-terrain-vehicle tours


Efate Outer Resorts

Where to stay away from Port Vila is outer resorts on Efate Island

  Holidays and Accommodation in Port Vila, Vanuatu

Port Vila, Vanuatu

   Port Vila Holiday Guide
The largest and capital city of Vanuatu, Port Vila is sprawled around a beautiful harbour, nestled in tropical trees. The area enjoys a tropical climate, so you can holiday here at any time of the year. The town grew around native settlements, but there's also French and British colonial influence, which gives the place a distinct feel. Native Bislama language is spoken, as well as French and English.

Bungalow accommodation in Port Vila

   Port Vila Accommodation
As one would expect of Vanuatu's top destination, Port Vila abounds with holiday accommodation choices. There are traditional bungalows, budget motels, popular resorts, and modern hotels. All these holiday places provide travel packages that cater for all kinds of budgets and family and group requirements. You will often get your meals and some of holiday activities all included in your holiday package.

Golfing in Port Vila

   Activities in Port Vila
When you holiday in Vanuatu you have the option of simply having a laid back holiday, or filling your days with sightseeing and any number of other activities you enjoy. You will find plenty of holiday activities available in Port Vila, including diving, daytime and moonlight cruises, scuba diving,
 shopping, golfing, fishing, and snorkeling. Boat charter and car rentals are available.

Port Vila local markets

   Port Vila Attractions
There are countless attractions throughout Vanuatu and its islands. As the top Vanuatu destination, Port Vila offers numerous attractions. It's a great place to explore the town and enjoy the harbour views, as well as visit local restaurants, cafes and bars. But you should make at least one trip to the local markets in Port Vila town centre, where you will find local goods, souvenirs and handicrafts.

Bungalows in Port Vila

   Port Vila Bungalows
Port Vila has built an enormous amount of history and culture. These traditions make it an ideal place to provide the authentic style of holiday accommodation that's popular throughout Vanuatu and other Pacific Islands. This traditional style of housing has been adopted by many holiday resorts in Port Vila. Vistors to Vanuatu find this type of holiday accommodation comfortable and cozy.

Feast night performers

   Vanuatu Guide
This South Pacific island archipelago is home to one of the most diverse island cultures. Although influenced by Europeans due to its colonial past, Melanesian people have preserved their unique way of life and the traditional customs. Speckled with a variety of beaches, resorts, and villages, Vanuatu offers a great holiday experience when you venture inland to acquaint yourself with the locals.

Vanuatu Islands

   Vanuatu Islands
This South Pacific island paradise is an archipelago of 83 islands. The main administrative island is Efate, while the largest is Espiritu Santo. In addition to these islands, there are many others, large and small, that are popular and unique in what they offer. Get more information on some of the best known and most popular of Vanuatu islands, what they offer and their unique attractions and activities.

Efate Island

   Efate Island
As the gateway to Vanuatu and its main island, Efate island offers numerous ways to enjoy your holiday stay in Vanuatu. The island is home to Port Vila city, Vanuatu's capital and the largest town. Thanks to the deep water bay, Port Vila is a shipping and travel hub, visited by a number of South Pacific cruise ships. You will find though that there is a lot more to Efate than just Port Vila.

Worawia Resort Mele

   Worawia Resort 
Located in Mele Village, just outside of Port Vila, this family resort was a popular 3-star holiday accommodation with numerous visitors, for more than 10 years. It was partially refurbished in 2009, but as of late it has been on the market. Featuring swimming pool with swim-up pool bar, Worawia was also home to one of the most popular Melanesian feast nights, with authentic local dancers and music.

Photo of a Vanuatu mural

   Photo Galleries
If you want to truly aquaint yourself with Vanuatu, there's no better way than by viewing our photo galleries, short of coming to Vanuatu. There are 5 galleries, featuring Worawia resort, Port Vila town and Vanuatu. Each gallery will give you an insight of the local lifestyle, culture and customs. Not to mention some of great sightseeing spots and holiday attractions around this great tropical island paradise.

A Tropical Paradise

A warm and friendly holiday atmosphere is what awaits you in Vanuatu, with traditional Melanesian hospitality. This island archipelago is a popular holiday destination for visitors from around the world. Come and enjoy the relaxed, easy-going local lifestyle, tropical climate and an authentic South Pacific charm.

Vanuatu is only a short distance from Australia's east coast, and a short flight away. Air Vanuatu, Air New Zealand and Qantas provide regular flights, including travel packages, from Australia and New Zealand to Vanuatu. There are also air connections from other South Pacific islands, including Nauru and New Caledonia.

Port Vila Town

Public transport is readily available in Port Vila in blue mini buses, which are usually cheaper than the local taxi services, as expected. So, no matter where you stay in Port Vila, you will probably have acces to public transport.

This busy harbour town offers the usual hassle and bustle of a popular holiday destination. You will find watefront restaurants and bars, duty free shops, cafes, souvenir shops, banks, tour shops, car rental places, sightseeing, local markets and supermarkets. There are also other specialty shops and the local Chinatown area.

The amazing number of cultures that have come together in Port Vila makes food service available throughout the entire day. Just when an American breakfast hour ends, a French or European coffee hour will begin, and just as one dinner hour is winding down another will barely have begun. Afterwards it's time to visit one of Port Vila night bars, or even try your luck at one of Port Vila's two casinos - the Club 21 Limited, or the Palms Casino.

Port Vila Budget Accommodation

If you're looking for a stress-free holiday break, then you will find resorts and motels located around the harbour hills and on the outskirts of town. A Port Vila holiday accommodation, without staying in Port Vila, while enjoying all that Vanuatu has to offer. Many of these lodges and apartments cater for the budget minded travellers.

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Vanuatu Islands

Vanuatu Islands

With over 80 islands that make up Vanuatu archipelago, there could be stories wrtitten about them, even if one only chose those that are best known. Instead we have selected a handful of the most popular ones, to introduce you to the island life in Vanuatu and what can your expect over there as a visitor.

Water Activities in Vanuatu

Water Activities in Vanuatu

If you are an active person who likes different activities on your holiday, you will find many options available in Port Vila and Vanuatu. This is particularly true for water based activities in this true tropical paradise. These include parasailing and catamaran sailing, as well as other water activities on the islands.

Destinations Like Vanuatu

Island Destinations Like Vanuatu

This tropical island destination is a magnet for many visitors from around the world. Indeed, many tourists and families enjoy what Vanuatu offers in terms of laidback atmosphere and activities that are more popular with adventure travellers. But we also bring you 4 other island destinations that are like Vanuatu.

Best Cuisines in Port Vila

Best Cuisines in Port Vila

Your holiday in Port Vila wouldn't be complete without sampling some of the best international cuisine available at restaurants in the town. For a relatively small town, Port Vila offers a variety of international dishes that will appeal to many taste buds. Find out where you can try different cuisines in the Vanuatu capital.

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